How to have a successful first date?


If you’ve met at an event or on a dating site, the first date can be stressful. Lack of self-confidence, lack of practice, the reasons can be multiple. To help you make your first date a success, we’ve listed the points that are important to you. So no more excuses, try it!

1 – It was the rest

While this is an important time, don’t think that a first date will determine the rest of your relationship, it isn’t. But you better start well, don’t stress, you have nothing to lose. Think of it as a meeting with a friend, for example. Choosing a place where you feel comfortable is very important, you will be much more relaxed and friendly.

2 – Be on time

Don’t let your date wait, if you are late you immediately send the wrong message to the other person: that it is not worth the effort for them. Punctuality is the basis of courtesy, if you are late it can also mean that you do not have good manners. Unless it is an event beyond your control (eg: metro blocked), be on time, leave a little early to be sure.

3 – don’t talk about your old relationships

Phrases like “my ex didn’t like the beach”; “I got along very well with my mother-in-law” should be banned. No one wants to hear your love stories that didn’t work out, which could mean you’re still living in the past and not ready to start a new life. Talk more about what you like to do than what you want to do in the summer, for example. Project yourself into the future and give a clear message in femmesentrefemmes: you are ready to move forward!

4 – be yourself

Sometimes, for the sake of pleasing others, we are tempted to highlight some of our characteristics, to invent passions (“yes, of course, I love football”), but you know very well that this is not the case. is not sustainable. It’s better to be completely honest about what you love to do, being open to discovering new things, than to disappoint your potential partner who will notice it in a few weeks.

5 – Focus on the other

When meeting for the first time in, it’s normal to be a little tense, but sometimes that can lead to talking exclusively about yourself. This attitude is not appreciated at all, know that if you send the message of strong narcissism from the start, your first date will not succeed. Interested in others, in what they like to do, in their work, with their friends, listen to them.