Today’s Farming Solutions Can Fix Yesterday’s Problems


India is a farming country known for being the largest producer of various crops. According to the export crisis in 2021-2022, India managed to raise its agricultural exports by 20% to $50.21 billion due to the Commerce and Industry Ministry.

What are the areas that farmers need guidance on:

  • Not knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the soil
  • What is the proper sowing time?
  • Which are the right seeds?
  • How not to be dependent solely on the monsoon
  • The correct harvesting time 
  • The Mandi Bhav of their crops and so on.

The above criteria can save farmers from losing 30–50 % of their crops. It’s a terrible situation to be in. What if every farmer could find a solution to the pesticide and disease problem while also boosting their yield? There will be no poor farmers in India. While the Kisan Yojana appears promising, though it is a monetary assistance; you will still require agricultural apps to assist you with higher-quality crops.

What functions do the agricultural solutions apps have?

Previously, if a farmer observed an afflicted crop, they would hurry to a fertilizer dealer for help. The dealer would provide them with a pesticide combination based on their experience. Either it would work, or it would not work; there was no way of knowing whether the pesticide mix worked or not. Often, it damages the quality of the crops.

Today, farmers can snap photos of the affected crops and upload them to the app. The AI technology app then examines the harvest to see if it was harmed by which insect. Finally, it uses artificial intelligence algorithms to deliver the results to the farmers, along with the diagnosis and suggested chemical and biological remedies.

The plant recognition app delivers cultivation suggestions for any crop, from plant selection through post-harvesting. Even beginners can learn about plant selection, organic farming monitoring, site selection, field preparation, weeding, irrigation, fertilizing, harvesting, and other preventive measures. If you know about building a vegetable garden from the agriculture apps, you can get all the help you need.

  • Hundreds of community experts support these apps; please ask them if you have any questions, issues, or doubts.
  • A farmer may calculate the number of fertilizers they need based on the size of their plot with a simple swipe on their phone.
  • How can you make your plant shopping better?
  • The apps provide thorough information on how pests and diseases manifest themselves at various phases of plant development. 
  • Farmers can use these apps to take precautions before sowing to minimize hazards in the first place.
  • Weather predictions and other information are provided.
  • It alerts farmers when a disease is due to strike their area and displays pests.
  • It has agricultural videos that will be useful for the farmers.

Because smartphones and internet data are readily available, farmers can profit from an agriculture app, allowing them to grow pest-free and quality crops. These apps are anticipated to deliver dramatic improvements to the agricultural sector. 

Using a farming app can help you solve yesterday’s farming problems.