Tips for choosing a reliable silicone molding company


The benefits of silicone rubber products are great; from necessities to high-precision products such as medical items, and auto parts, you can make anything. The number of silicone rubber manufacturers is consistently rising, and fierce competition is rising. However, with so many silicone manufacturers around, how can you choose the most reliable and efficient silicone producer?

However, before proceeding with it, you should first check out the types of silicone rubber molding methods.

Solid Silicone or high consistency rubber 

The look is slightly solid and translucent. Basically called a raw meal before the mixing procedure, the color and hardness are added during the process.

It is usually prepared through the hot-pressing or compression method, and the cost is cheap.

Liquid silicone

The look is liquid and transparent, and the raw material doesn’t have to be mixed. This is why liquid silicone for molds is free from impurities compared to solid silicone rubber.

The liquid silicone injection process aims to meet the requirements of the high-precision item. And the cost is comparatively higher.

Tips for selecting a silicone molding company

As it is necessary to find a company that can meet your requirements, it is important to look for a professional and reliable manufacturing company. Here are 4 points that will help you find the best one for you:


Reputed silicone factories will offer you high-quality products. They will offer responsive service and affordable product prices. They will also offer good communication and stable delivery to you. A company with a good reputation has spent years in the field and gained the trust of its customers. Choose a silicone manufacturing company by relying on word-of-mouth or referrals. You can also consider the reviews of the people online before choosing a company to get a deeper knowledge.

Professional and technical

Before choosing the silicone manufacturer, check their background. Go through their official website to judge their professionalism. Though not all silicone factories publish their technologies on their websites, some may do so.

You can also speak to their executive to know their rich and professional knowledge and the technology they will use to produce your product.

Innovative and comprehensive equipment

If you want a good result, you should have good tools. While silicone factories may have a good workforce and capital, without innovative technology, they may end up producing poor-quality products. It may also add to prolonged delivery time and inefficiency.

Companies that don’t focus on such things may have to compromise their quality and production methods. Hence, checking the latest technology the manufacturer uses is always suggested.


Having rich experience is important for silicone manufacturers. After all, a product will be made in their factory from mold design to result.

Professional engineers can avoid mistakes to the biggest extent and solve checkpoint issues in real-time, reducing the trial and error process. Experienced professionals can improve the quality of the produced items with the lowest turnover rates.


Depending on the above considerations, New Top Rubber is an ideal silicone manufacturing company for you. It has years of experience and has consistently introduced new equipment technology to enhance its production capacity and quality.