Think about her when you travel


Let’s face it: Coming back from vacation to find a postcard from a distant friend is really beautiful and a little touching. It is the pleasure of looking at a photograph and reading some writings that come from afar.

If being close is not always possible, then it is good that you remember it even when you are far aaway. Being distant is the reason he thinks about it more often, he looks at different places through the eyes of those who would love to travel with their best friend. Discovering the world together and keeping memories is a great way to experience friendship but, when that is not possible, a thought of the holidays is a simple way of saying “even while traveling you were in my heart”.

Give it a song

You share interests and friendships in une rencontre gay, why not music too? Dedicate one or more songs to your friend that made you think of your friendship. Growing up together also means sharing passions and … soundtracks.

Choosing a song that you listened to years ago in school that marked an important transition moment and in which they took root in your friendship is also a way to bring back memories of the past, light and pleasant. Your first concert, or that song you’ve been listening to for a whole summer … in short, make the music vibrate!

make him discover new things

Finding things to do together might not always be easy, but it’s also true that taking the time to cultivate your friendship will make an ever deeper relationship blossom.

Understanding and loving each other means having adventures together, trying new experiences and activities that you would not have had the inclination or the courage to do alone. Try to bring a friend to live with you a day in the heart of nature, a new restaurant, the pole dance class rather than the cutting class …

A friend is a great source of ideas and proposals, your relationship keeps growing, so why not nurture it with common hobbies and passions? Finding out what you love to do together is one way to never get bored!

Encourage his passions

Helping a friend come true is personal satisfaction in Encouraging each other is simple, and you don’t have to always make big gestures or find yourself acting like a safety net. You just need to be a strong support for his hopes and insecurities.

A friend who knows how to listen, who observes your work and your passion with admiration, who corrects you where you can improve and who helps you to open up to new proposals is a person who loves you.

Taking care of your friend means giving concrete help to those who want to receive what they are ready to give, and all the good shown, if it is sincere, comes back.

Be a great friend

In two words: a real problem solver. The super friend is a creature in all of us, but it’s not always easy to summon. Let’s say it’s an ability that builds over time and allows us to understand and hone our ability to be friends.

A super friend is first able to defuse, is then able to show affection in a healthy way, and lives off the glory of the other as well as the sorrow of their misfortunes.

In your friendship, an “I” and a “we” must coexist: two different figures, two souls with their peculiarities, but united by a single great affection. To love yourself is to respect your singularity as well as your union!