Every Step in Ageing: What You Need to Learn


    Only one type of Vitamin C, E or carotene is used in supplements. As a result, the intestines become saturated with that one species, so that the other species are no longer absorbed. It is therefore wise to get antioxidants through food or flavonoids that have an antioxidant effect.

    Not enough antioxidants to fight free radicals lead to oxidative stress. This means that the tissues, cells and organs are damaged at a faster rate.

    Oxidative stress often occurs in people who smoke (a lot), are overweight, use medication, are exposed to a lot of radiation, eat unhealthy food, drink too much alcohol, exercise too intensively or exercise too little.

    What are the 4 causes of oxidation?

    Combustion with oxygen

    • Reducing combustion results in less oxidation.
    • So by eating less and ‘less protein’ the body burns less. Exercise is healthy. However, exercising too intensively, especially top sport, also increases combustion and therefore oxidation also increases. Moderate exercise is therefore good and preferably daily.


    • Because moderate exercise slightly increases combustion and improves the sugar metabolism and insulin sensitivity.


    It is known that adrenaline is released during stress and when adrenaline is released it increases oxidation.

    Sugar, age and rage

    The ages are seen as the main cause of oxidation. But what are ages? Blood sugar binds to proteins and these results in ages (Advanced Glyosilation Endproductions). So these are blood sugar-protein compounds. This creates useless cross connections in your connective tissue (collagen). When this happens under the skin it is the visible wrinkles. This also happens in other parts of our body. The quality of the tissues therefore decreases. In addition to the ages, there are the so-called Rages. These are receptors to which the ages can attach and thus be activated. A large amount of free radicals is then created. As a solution you can also make use of the nmn powder.


    Free radicals are also formed during inflammation. This is necessary to make bacteria harmless, for example. Conversely, free radicals also cause increased inflammatory activity. This is a vicious circle. Having a healthy lifestyle is therefore of great importance and has a lot of influence on our health.

    Foods / nutrients to avoid

    As mentioned earlier in this article, sugar is a cause of oxidation. In addition to being a ‘fattening agent’, sugar is also a ‘pathogen’ and causes premature aging. The chemical reactions in which sugars bind to proteins are called glycation. Glycation accelerates the aging process through the formation of free radicals.

    • So avoid sugary foods and drinks as much as possible.
    • The consumption of trans fats (cookies, chips, fast food) is also not recommended.
    • Preferably do not eat sprayed products.


    Nutrition and antioxidants:

    It is best to choose organic fruits and vegetables because they have not been sprayed. Preferably eat raw vegetables and / or briefly cooked vegetables every day.