The New Age Has Begun for the Women’s tracksuits


Tracksuit is now experiencing a new lease of life, fueled by women. Propelled by current urban trends, wearing a women’s tracksuit is the guarantee of having a modern and fashionable look. However, not all jogging sets that can be worn for a man are suitable for women. So be vigilant ladies, as to the choice of your next jogging bottoms. Don’t panic, if you are unsure, here are our tips for looking stylish in a tracksuit. From the wholesale clothing items, choosing the right ones is quite hard here.

Is it possible to be stylish in a tracksuit?

The answer is clearly yes. The days of wearing a tracksuit, outside of the gym, without risking teasing or pity are behind us. The women’s tracksuit is becoming more democratic and you can even wear it with chic and elegance. In just a few years, it has become a fashion item in its own right. Popularized by stars such as Lady Gaga, Madona, Cardi B , the fashion jogging set is the must have of recent years  !

Obviously, to do so, you will have to choose a fairly unique model, made in a luxury material (we will therefore avoid models based on cotton fleece) and benefiting from a perfect fit.

Ideally, first of all choose a tracksuit where the brand logo is quite discreet unless you intentionally want to highlight the brand. To ensure a touch of charm, remember to combine your ensemble with a perfect outfit that meets your expectations. If for example you want to be chic and stylish, pairing a slim tracksuit with a cropped jacket and mid-heeled shoes will give you a unique style.

On the other hand, if you want to highlight a more urban look, the combination of women’s tracksuit, lined puffer jacket and low sneakers will be much more appropriate.

Our advice for choosing the right tracksuit 2020

In 2020, wearing a womens tracksuits will still be as topical as ever. If you are afraid of making a fashion faux pas, you can always take refuge on models with safe values. These include sets with side bands or models with camouflage prints.

On the other hand, if you like the taste of risk, know that in 2020, the trend of the tracksuit will also turn to the choice of model with more eccentric materials. Indeed, synthetic materials, slightly flashy, the models of tracksuits composed of so-called “technical” materials will be the women’s tracksuits not to be missed in 2020.

But which colors to choose?

Choosing a color for your tracksuit will depend mainly on the model you choose. Indeed, if you want to be chic with your jogging set, stay in sober colors, black in evidence.

On the other hand, if you want to be the new Lady Gaga  by wearing a unique, improbable-looking tracksuit, you have no limit in the choice of colors, apart from your imagination. Just try to keep a harmony with the rest of your outfit and do not hesitate to add accessories, it will complete your style.