Do You Know How Squirrels Can Also Become Pests And A Few Risks They Bring?


Squirrels can be very commonly sighted in England, and you can often spot them in parks or your gardens where they are scurrying around trees. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, originally the grey squirrel was introduced into the ecosystem of England after they were imported from America.

After the arrival of these grey squirrels, they have pushed the entire native red squirrels of the UK to near extinction. You may think that these grey squirrels are very cute-looking and harmless creatures, and often they are romanticized as a typical part of British wildlife.

You must however, remember that these grey squirrels will be very territorial. Once they get settled in your home, then they can pose a danger.

How to deal with these squirrels?

How you can trap these squirrels will depend on the environment, the squirrel types, and also the size of these animals? One of the effective ways to trap these pest squirrels can be using certain mechanical traps and by offering certain bait. Usually, the experts of pest control Manchester also employ the same method to start with.

How can you prevent a squirrel invasion?

Usually, these squirrels will tend to make entry into your house via your roof, and therefore, you must be careful if your house is located very close to any tree branches. You must therefore, trim these tree branches regularly if they are too close to your house.

If you find even any tree branches within a distance of 8 to10 feet from your house they should be regularly trimmed. This can prevent the squirrels to jump from the nearby tree to the roof of the house. Also, you must remove any bird feeders because all these can attract squirrels and also birds.

You must regularly inspect your attic from the inside of your home to see whether you can spot any possible entry points. The best time to do all these will be during the summer season before it starts getting cold and these squirrels start looking for a place for making their nest.

Also, you must consider using certain squirrel repellents so that you can put them off to enter into your attic area in the first place.

Why a squirrel infestation can be a problem?

These squirrels are found to be very determined animals, and once they make an entry into your home and manage to build up a nest, then it is very difficult to remove them.

They also have ever-growing incisor teeth and will need to gnaw for keeping their teeth from growing. Often the timbers in the loft become the right place for them. Also, squirrels can chew through your water pipes or electric cables and cause immense destruction to your property.

There were a few cases, where a family was forced to leave their house for 6 months after squirrels managed to chew through water pipes present in the loft and created a flood that devastated the house. Therefore, you should not underestimate how much havoc that these small animals can wreak!