The Major Benefits of Dog Boarding


If you are a dog owner, you will know how difficult it can be if you want to go for a holiday or business trip.

You will have to either leave your dog in the care of a good friend or family member, or you will have to hire a pet sitter of some sorts to come to your home daily to care for it.

Not only does this mean you will have to give someone a key to your home and trust them with it, you also worry if this person is properly caring for your dog or not.

Well, gone are the days of having to bear with such anxiety. Now, you have the option of boarding your dog at a dog boarding centre.

There are actually many benefits of boarding your dog while you are away, the first being the peace of mind you get that your dog is being cared for properly at a qualified facility. Instead of imposing the task on friends and family, there will be professionals who are familiar with dog-caring in place to look after your four-legged friend.

Rest assured there will be regular feeding times as well as scheduled play and exercise time to keep your dog active and well stimulated. Should you be away for a long period of time, there can even be grooming sessions arranged to keep your pet looking smart and groomed all the time.

Secondly, your pet will not be alone when you board your dog. There will be other dogs around not just to keep him company, but also to stimulate interaction which is very beneficial to your dog.

As one would know, it can be rather stressful for a dog to be spending time away from its owner especially for the first time so having other dogs around will give a lot of comfort to it. Don’t worry, quality boarding facilities will keep a close watch over their dogs and will only put like-natured ones together to ensure their ultimate safety and wellbeing.

But perhaps the biggest reassurance many will get from dog boarding is the fact that they can get daily updates from the facility should they wish to. Most dog boarding centres nowadays have camera surveillance that you can access to to keep an eye on your dog, otherwise, daily reports with picture updates are not uncommon a practice nowadays at many dog boarding centres.

The key though, is to choose a good facility for your dog. One thing we strongly suggest is to visit the centre you are considering in person. You will be able to gauge the quality of their service by talking to the owners, checking the kennels condition, speaking with the staff members – just get an overall feel of the facility to see if it is operated properly.

One tip – you will not go wrong choosing a facility operated by people that love dogs. We highly recommend Mr Woofles, a dog boarding in Melbourne if you’d like some suggestions – these guys here truly know what they are doing and are genuine dog lovers.