Find Out why your Dog Refuses to Eat

Cute Siberian Husky puppy sitting on the floor at home and looking at owner. dog bowl.

You will realize that your dog has a shift in appetite every once in a while. However, it becomes a cause for concern if the pup refuses to eat completely. Probable causes include health issues and dietary changes. It is important to understand why this may have happened, as it allows you to make the necessary changes to enhance your pet’s nourishment.

Observe and Appreciate your Pet’s Appetite Changes

Note that dogs will exhibit different eating habits throughout their lives. Usually, how much they eat depends on their age, activity level, and health status. Since these factors affect food consumption, it is always advisable for pet parents to consider them in totality.

For instance, hyperactive dogs need more food because they use much energy. Such dogs spend most of their energy playing/moving and need replenishment. In the same manner, puppies will eat more because they eat frequently. Also, pregnant dogs need more food than other dogs. On the other hand, elderly dogs are less active and will eat less, whereas mature dogs are more likely to have a stable appetite. However, it is important to act fast if the dog’s appetite seems to shift drastically.

Possible Reasons Dogs may Stop Eating

Appetite loss among dogs happens because of various reasons. These range from medical to non-medical reasons and may include the following:

  1. Dental/ mouth Injuries – the dog may have sore gums, loose teeth, or a swollen tongue, making eating painful.
  2. Vaccination – recent vaccination could interfere with the dog’s appetite, but this should stabilize in a few days
  3. Effect of medication – the dog may be on medication that makes them nauseous or contributes to their appetite loss.
  4. Change of surroundings – Some dogs are nervous eaters and will stop eating if they move to a new area or use unfamiliar tools. Try to keep things the same.
  5. Bad food- Dogs will not eat unpalatable food. Instead of buying food that goes bad, consider using delivery services such as Paws Food Express, which delivers high-quality food wherever you are. We will deliver in Houston and its surroundings. Choose the food your dog enjoys, and let us bring it to you. We also offer delivery services in Pearland, Sugarland, Katy, Richmond, Spring, The Woodlands, Cypress, and Kingwood. Be sure to give us a call today for great quality pet foods in your region.
  6. Stress – dogs also get stressed, and changes can affect them to the extent that they refuse to eat. Make sure to handle the stressor immediately.
  7. Illnesses – sometimes, certain sicknesses can hinder the dog’s ability to consume food

Other causes why your dog may be adamant about eating include overfeeding, dirty dishes, and manipulation. Order the right pet food from Paws Food Express and never worry about such things again.

How to Encourage your Dog to Eat

You can intervene in different ways in case your dog refuses to eat. Some of these practical tips include:

  • Minimizing treats
  • Increasing the dog’s activities
  • Have meal routines
  • Vary the meals, especially for picky eaters
  • Avoid leaving excess food for the dog to nibble on
  • Warm the food if it’s too cold.

Dogs don’t refuse to eat without a good reason. Get to the root of things and fix the issue. There is always a good reason why dogs refuse to eat.