The Formula To A Perfectly Optimized Landing Page


The marketing efforts of businesses often depend on trends, which customers generally follow. As people see the benefits and accessibility of digital platforms, there has been an increase in the number of consumers using digital communication channels. Due to this, companies have started implementing their digital marketing plans to reach a broader audience and customers. 

Businesses often use links on their online marketing campaigns to direct prospectors to a page, known as a landing page, where they could see the details of your company’s product or service offer. 

Companies partner with a digital marketing consultant Philippines to continuously customize their website and landing pages to increase the chance of getting more conversions from customers, leading to an increase in product or service sales. A marketing consultant can help you determine what to improve in your landing pages or website to increase conversion rates. 

Optimizing your business’s landing page and website should begin with your page’s design and appearance. According to Hubspot, 52% of visitors do not return to a site due to poor aesthetics, including color and layout. Using colors associated with your brand, niche, or industry may help you fix your page’s look. 

Using proper proportions for your texts and images can help you properly relay your message. The images should not overshadow the text on your page, and it should also deliver your marketing message to consumers. Consequently, your writing should be concise. It only contains the essential information you want to tell your customers about your product or service. When offering a product or service, you must put one offer per page, as multiple offers can decrease conversations by up to 266%. It should also follow a logical flow: explanation, benefits, testimonials, and call-to-action.  

Moreover, putting some testimonials may help you sell your offer to prospectors. Approximately 70% of consumers trust reviewers. Using social proof, such as recommendations on your landing page, can support your brand reputation and expertise. Accordingly, using personalized call-to-action has been proved to convert 202% more. 

If these tasks are too much to handle for you, you may opt to avail services offered by B2B lead generation companies in Philippines to optimize your landing page. Their services can help you have a high-converting landing page that can capture beneficial leads and sales. 

There are plenty of elements to be considered when optimizing your landing page. These do not just include the appearance; instead, it also consists of the page’s loading speed. The ideal time for your page to load on the user’s screen is 2 to 3 seconds. A one-second delay in loading speed can already lower conversion by 7%. This issue can be fixed through tools that let you test your website speed and identify the causes of your slow loading time. 

Fixing your page’s appearance, navigation, and loading speed can improve your conversion results and achieve your business’s sales goals. This infographic by TopSEOs shows the formula to a perfectly optimized landing page. 
The Formula to a Perfectly Optimized Landing Page