The delivery driver jobs I can do


Be it a new trucker or a pro, if you are looking for a driving job, then there are a lot of things to consider for it. The job search procedure can be tedious and overwhelming. However, your objective should be to find your place in the trucking niche.

Things you need to qualify for good pay delivery driver jobs:

In order to become a delivery driver and earn high wages, one needs to have more experience. Also you need a more complex skill set so that you can work well than an average truck driver who hauls dry loads on a trailer.

  • Higher risks: High risks involve higher pay jobs.
  • More liability: With higher risks, you have to bear higher liability.
  • More skill required: You need a complex skill set to get job in a specialized niche.
  • Accident-free record: You should have a clean driving record.
  • Experience: Shippers like to choose experience delivery drivers with at least 5 years of experience, without any accidents.
  • Work in distant areas: Some delivery jobs demand working in a remote areas. 

There are a lot of delivery jobs available. It is up to you to choose, if you want to be a flat-bedder or a tanker work, work as a car hauler or produce hauler. Look around and see what’s involved in every kind of trucking job and the job opportunities in this sector.

  • General freight delivery
  • Tanker
  • Hot shot trucking
  • Ice road trucking
  • Car hauler
  • Reefer
  • Flat bed
  • Double and triple trailers

Different kinds of trucking

The distance you need to travel from your house to your delivery location has a big impact on your life as a delivery driver. It will also affect your family. So, itis important to consider the different delivery options to find out which suits you.

  • Short delivery
  • Long delivery
  • City or regional delivery
  • LTL freight delivery

Dry hauling:
It includes delivery of any dry item or product. there are a range of products included in it. You can be a dry hauler for anything you want, right from food, medicines, house moving equipment and more.

Liquid hauling:

Hauling different liquids and hazardous products such as gasoline, water and other explosive liquid stuff offers you good pay. It may allow you to earn more than an average delivery driver. As a driver, you don’t just deliver dangerous goods but also get exposed to chemical fumes. Hence the pay is comparatively higher.

Ice road trucking:

Ice road trucking jobs are available just for seasons. However, you can earn a good income from this. Though you have some dangers involved but this is why you are offered better pay.

Oversized loads:

If you specialize in hauling over-sized hauls, then you can earn handsomely as a delivery driver.

Different truck delivery niche

If you want to pick your preference on the niche you want to work in, then here are your options:

  • Are you looking forward to producing hauling
  • Do you want to work as a flatbed truck driver?
  • Are you interested in a tanker driver job?
  • Is heavy hauling your field of interest?

Once you have selected your field, you can commence your driving job. Do not waste your time in looking for jobs you are not qualified to do, focus on the ones you have skill for.