Team Uniform Shopping Tips


Running a team can be overwhelming, especially while considering sportswear. Uniform isn’t just some trendy wear you pick. It communicates your team values, a consideration that’s vividly seen as the fans don them during game days. Uniforms are a part of your identity, and as you hit the market, considering a few points can help you pick the best. Here is a quick guide that can help you find the best team uniforms.

Establish your needs

Each sport has its set of challenges. Following the nature of your team’s sport and the competitive level, moisture retention, mobility, and comfort are among the top considerations. The fabric is the primary subject you’ll address once you’ve established the needs and your priorities. With all sorts of fabrics, from cotton to polyester, you’ll have an extensive pool to consider. For instance, polyester team uniforms are an ideal option for repetitive and athletic movements as they are durable despite such exposure. Polyester is also reasonably priced, making it a suitable choice if you are on a budget.

Consider the colors

Colors are a significant consideration for a relatively new team. If the team has been around for some time, color options might have been cut for you. As you pick the colors, a simple hack is t compare what other teams in the community wear. This will help you pick a color scheme that works well together. Keep in mind that the colors will be a part of your team’s identity, as that’s how you’ll easily be identified. While it might not be on top of your mind, remember that you also might sell the team wear. As such, picking colors that go well with other clothes such as jeans is advisable, making it easier for the fans to rock them.

The designs

Apart from the colors, a considerable design element includes the logo and numbers. Picking where the logo will go requires some creativity. On the front or at the back, and what’s the best size? Strategic positioning is one thing; you also have to decide if it will look better if screen printed, embroidered, or sublimated. Numbers are a great way to personalize the team uniforms. They are unique as a player can only hold one, making them feel honored, keeping them motivated. Like the logo, you also have to pick the best way to include the number. With all the design possibilities, you can personalize the numbers to add to your team’s identity.


Sizes vary from one brand to the next. Keeping in mind that your team also requires different sizes, team uniform shopping quests can be daunting. Establish the sizes you need, including measuring the players around the neck and chest and down the arms. Also, keep their preferences in mind, considering that some prefer a uniform that hugs them tight while others prefer more breathing space. With the measurements, you can comfortably navigate the size charts and pick uniforms that’ll serve your team better.

Team uniforms are more of an identity and spirit wear for the fans. As you shop, dig deeper to ensure you pick options your team and its supporters will love. With the best shops, you can order online, have them delivered, make returns with no friction, and keep your team uniforms stock at desired levels.