Superhero themed slots that you don’t want to miss 


    Throughout the history of popular human culture there has always been certain themes and inspirations that become a lot more popular than anything else. It has always been this way, and we suspect it always will be: you just cannot fight the innate human need to make and follow trends, can you?

    In the 19th Century it was gothic-horror, and in the early 20th Century it was sci-fi. More recently war and espionage has been a big hit in the realm of big screen entertainment, whilst the illegal drug trade has been a major source of inspiration for programmes such as Breaking Bad and Narcos. However, almost certainly one of the biggest themes across the many mediums of popular culture over the last century has been that of superheroes from comic strip companies such as Marvel and DC Comics. 

    This has been true for a number of years, as comic-books were incredibly popular several decades ago, before they began to fall somewhat into decline. This didn’t last long however, as people like Stan Lee from Marvel Comics injected a new sense of creative vigour to the genre, something that eventually resulted in several films that would go on to have incredible success all around the world.

    It is actually really rather hard to overestimate the success of these films, with all of them combined grossing well over a billion dollars at the box office, and generating billions more in other related revenues. For this reason it is no surprise that the online slot industry has repeatedly used the super-hero theme in their slots at Read ahead for our pick of some of the best ones to come out of this theme!


    Is Superman the most well known superhero of them all? Many people would argue that he is the definitive superhero, and whilst this may have been true a few decades ago, there are now a few other characters that hold just as much popularity. Regardless, you cannot go wrong with a Superman themed slot game, something that NYX Gaming certainly had in mind when designing their slot Superman. 

    We love the graphics on this one, as they hark back to the age of superhero comic book strips and cartoons, rather than the big budget CGI behemoths you see in the movies today. In a nice touch too all the symbols relate to the Superman theme, making this slot a lot more immersive than many of the other ones gamblers can find on the market these days. 

    Iron Man 

    Iron Man was always a staple of the Marvel Universe, however it was his portrayal by Robert Downey Jr. in the recent films that really turned him into a cultural icon. Playtech are never ones to hang about when it comes to potentially successful online slot themes, so it was no surprise when they brought out their Iron Man online slot. 

    Yes, the graphics and background here do seem a bit lazy, but the developer makes up for it by incorporating real clips from the film itself in between spins. Now, this isn’t something we see every day in the online slot industry, so Playtech deserve a big old pat on the back for this. Another tasty aspect of Iron Man is that its wild symbols can be rather lucrative indeed. Do you need any more excuses to play this game? 

    Superman Last Son Of Krypton 

    NYX Gaming had so much success with the already mentioned online slot Superman that they simply had to rework it into a sequel. They couldn’t just call it Superman II, that would be incredibly lazy, wouldn’t it? They have, instead, gone for the name Superman Last Son Of Krypton, a title that interestingly touches on the superhero’s back story. 

    If you liked the original Superman slot you are definitely going to enjoy spinning the reels on Superman Last Son Of Kryton, as it is basically just an updated and more visually attractive version of its predecessor. Our one gripe was that NYX Gaming could have incorporated some new bonus features, but you can’t have it all these days we’re afraid. 

    Captain America 

    If you ever need something to reflect on the attitude that modern America seems to take in relation to the rest of the world there really is no looking past Captain America. This is a superhero decked in the red and blue of the United States, and one that is seemingly ready to come to the rescue no matter what. 

    This slot from Playtech takes on a slightly war related theme as well, with some of the symbols even seeming to resemble Nazi soldiers. What you definitely want to watch out for here is the Red Skull wild symbol, as this can have seriously lucrative consequences if you’re lucky. 


    There is that age old debate isn’t there: is Batman a superhero or just a rich guy who’s good with technology? Of course, answering this question with just a rich guy can also put people like Iron Man at risk, so its easier to just say Batman is a bona fide superhero and move on. 

    This is definitely something that NYX Gaming have been thinking with their Batman slot, as it portrays him as quite the powerful entity. Our favourite part was the Decent Into Madness feature, that can reward up to a 100x multiplier if you catch the dreaded joker. 


    Thor has been given a new lease of life in recent years, due to a few box office smash hit motion pictures about the man in question. Played by Chris Hemsworth, the Thor character is characterised by rather large muscles and a huge hammer, in perfect homage to his depiction in Norse mythology. 

    The background to this slot leaves a lot to be desired, as it is basically just a slightly blurred landscape. Playtech make up for this with the Rainbow Bridge main event, however, one that has a tantalizingly large prize at the end of it.