Random Number Generator In Slots and How To Beat It 


    Before computers were invented, randomness of results in gambling games such as dice, bingo and popular gambling table games, all came courtesy of the human touch. This was the only way possible and if the individual who was given the role as the roulette wheel spinner, or bingo ball picker could be trusted, then the results would not be fixed in any way. 

    When it came to slot machines at Star Slots, most spins were random, unless punters using popular cheating methods that greeted the first slot machines, had tampered with them. These included the use of powerful magnets to align favourable symbols in winning positions on the reels and another trick used was placing uneven pressure on the lever to manipulate a slot spin. 

    The Digital Revolution 

    In 1996 the gambling industry decided to embrace digital technology that swept and changed the world. This meant that gambling games, including sports betting, moved from traditional arenas such as land-based casinos and betting shops, to online virtual platforms that had never been seen before. 

    Essentially, all forms of gambling were placed under one convenient virtual roof and gamblers could easily navigate through these online casinos in the comfort of their own homes 24 hours a day. This new form of gambling helped create a boom in slots games in particular. It is thought that the easy access and new control of the environment that players could gamble in, were the major draws. Slots games became more fun and the graphics and gameplay became more sophisticated. However, with all these advances, fairness became an issue. The human touch could no longer apply to the new digital gambling platforms and the replacement was the RNG. 

    Random Number Generators Explained 

    RNG of Random Number Generators, are not new inventions. In 1957 a machine called Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment, or Ernie for short, was introduced to generate the winning numbers in the British Savings Bonds Lottery. Ernie was upgraded in 1972 and by 2004 Ernie 5 was unveiled and this was the first machine to use quantum technology to generate random numbers for Premium Bond results. Casinos also used RNG technology at online casinos to ensure fair slots spins. Slot Random Number Generators are capable of generating millions of number sequences in very short time frames and these are translated into good and bad slots spins across casino platforms. It is impossible to beat the generator but it can be influenced. 


    The RTP or Return To Player percentage is an important aspect of slots spinning. Most punters overlook this and play games that they think will offer them the most entertainment. If you want to boost your chances of winning then the RTP score of a slot should definitely be factored into slot gameplay. The RTP is basically the amount a punter can expect of their wagering money to be returned to them in the form of winning spins over a period of many spins. High RTP score games are the best to play and the only chance that punters have of beating the RNG.