Stop believing these 3 things about buying gaming monitors!


Gaming has to be an immersive experience, and it goes without saying that the right gaming monitor makes a huge difference. There are several factors that determine the kind of monitor you should be buying, but the best idea is to set a budget. For anywhere between $300 and $500, you can expect a good model, such as PrimeCables 4k gaming monitor. Of course, if you can spend somewhere around $1,000 or more, features only get better. In this post, we are reviewing top things you must stop believing about buying gaming monitors.

  1. You cannot buy gaming monitors online. It’s risky.

False. In fact, you are likely to get much better offers online. There are no risks whatsoever, and if the brand is offering a warranty on the product, you will get the same, or sometimes even extended warranty, on online stores too. Yes, not all stores are same, so find a website that you can rely on, and do check their warranty and return policies. Your monitor is likely to be your investment for the next year or more, so get a good one.

  1. The refresh rate doesn’t matter

Many avid gamers will tell you that nothing matters more than the refresh rate. For the uninitiated, the refresh is the number of times the monitor refreshes the image onscreen per second. For gaming purposes, a monitor should have a refresh rate of at least 60Hz. You can go for expensive monitors that have a refresh rate of 240Hz, but the eventual output and experience on the screen also depend considerably on the GPU. To be more precise, if your graphics card is not adequate, don’t expect the monitor to do some trick.

  1. Buying a bigger monitor ensures better gaming experience

Unlike televisions, the concept of ‘bigger and better’ doesn’t really apply to gaming monitors. You will be watching the gaming monitor from a close distance, and for most games, you should be able to see the full screen. In fact, on a big screen, you are most likely to miss out on details, which may impact gameplay considerably. If you are buying a gaming monitor, don’t think much of the screen size – focus on resolution instead. You at least need a 4k gaming monitor for the best experience, and for the screen size, you don’t need a model more than 27-inch.

Check online now to find more on gaming monitors, and don’t forget to look for deals and offers.