Your YouTube converter: Flvto


Siting at home and getting bored in this lockdown period? Is there nothing to watch or do? Well, you can always open your YouTube and take the unlimited enjoyment of the videos and songs. But, what if the network goes bad, or you are in a remote area where the network isn’t good? Worry not for you can now convert your YouTube videos into mp3 with the help of Flvto.


Through the past 12 years, Youtube has evolved into the biggest music & video database in the world. It is the most powerful media reserve which tells who’s outstanding and who’s not, and, of course, it’s the major outlet for discovering recent music, both for artists and music enthusiasts. You can find there precisely everything – from animals to complete albums to extraordinary live concerts. Anyone can share anything with the world – that’s why every person adores Youtube.


If you are wondering what Flvto is then here is a simple definition. Flvto is one of the promising tools accessible online for converting videos from Youtube to mp4 (video) or mp3 (audio) files and download them for free – this assistance works for computers, tablets and mobile gadgets. The aid is for free and does not compel any software or registration.

How to choose the best converter

Now, the biggest problem you are to face is in choosing the perfect Youtube to mp3 converter. This is something that’s easy on the pocket and easy to use, something that even a child shall be able to operate. Here are some points to help you in choosing your converter.

  • How many videos you want to convert

When you’re going for a YouTube to MP3 converter one of the main things is how many videos you want to convert. If you’re only going to be downloading it onetime or twice, it might be better to contemplate on an online device, but for anything extra it’s better to download an affectionate desktop application.

  • The desktop software

When looking for the perfect converter, make sure that the desktop software is faster, because the data will not be processed on an isolated server, and some applications are also able in converting numerous YouTube videos to MP3 format all together.

  • The malware

You have to be careful, attentive and have some knowledge about your converter. YouTube to MP3 software is very popular, so you will always come across one or the other malware when you’re looking for one.

  • Hassle free

So, to save you from all these hassle, here’s where Flvto comes in. To make your job easier, we here at Flvto have thoroughly tested all the appliances in this guide, and can confidently say that Flvto is your go to app.

What are you waiting for? Now that you have gone through this article, don’t wait any longer. Come on hurry up download the Flvto app and start converting your YouTube videos into mp3 or mp4, whatever suits your need. Flvto is the app. Download and enjoy. Let the music be your medicine for boredom as we all are stuck at home in this lockdown. Stay home and stay safe and keep enjoying Flvto.