Should jewelry be the first thing you sell when you’re in a cash bind?


When cash is low, it can be stressful. How can you pay rent, buy groceries, or get gas?

Luckily, there are items in your own home that, if you are willing to part with, can make you enough money to get by in these troubling times. While items like clothes, books, gift cards are possibilities to sell, jewelry will usually give the best return on energy. Few pieces can earn you a decent amount of cash.

What kind of jewelry to sell?

When deciding which pieces of jewelry to try to sell to make quick cash, just any piece will not do. It is important that the jewelry is real and will be worth something because of its metal and/or precious stones.

Decide which pieces of jewelry you no longer wear or perhaps you’ve been keeping for sentimental value but really do not need. Older jewelry and certain brands may be worth more than others. Certain metals, like gold, usually will earn you more money than another metal like silver.

Places that buy gold

If you’re able to find gold pieces of jewelry, you want to find the best place to sell your gold for cash. Below are some places that you can sell gold to:

Jewelry Store

Some jewelry stores will buy your jewelry and use the gold for future pieces. Most will appraise the item and give you cash for the gold that you’re selling.

Pawn Shop

Pawn shops will buy your jewelry as long as the piece is worth money as well. If you have an antique piece, that is even better for a pawn shop to buy.

No matter where you choose to sell, jewelry–especially gold jewelry–is always a great option to sell when you find yourself in a cash bind.