Safety Tips While Bike Riding


Bike riding provides a sense of freedom. You can pedal along various roadways and scenic vistas. On a bike, your experience on these paths differs vastly than while in a car. However, to cycle safely involves a few precautions, including being aware of those driving by in cars. Continue reading for suggestions on biking safely.


Maintaining your bike and accessories will aid in your ability to bike without harm. You should have and care for the following equipment.

o   Check the air pressure on your bike tires. Be certain that they are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended PSI.

o   Try your brakes before venturing out on the road.

o   Your seat needs to be adjusted to fit you correctly. This way you can maintain control over the bike and its brakes. Once you have the proper height, lock your seat into place.

o   All bikes should be outfitted with reflectors. Make sure that these are securely attached.

o   Be sure that you have a bell on your bike that is loud enough for others to hear.

o   Wear a bike helmet anytime you are riding. For your bike helmet to protect you, it needs to be worn as intended. Helmets and chin straps should fit snugly.

Be Noticed

Drivers are not always watching out for cyclists on the road. Even with all the proper equipment, biking safely requires that you outfit yourself and bike to be easily noticed on the road. Often the shading and shadows created by foliage can obstruct the vision of drivers.

o   Wear neon colored clothing or a fluorescent vest over your attire.

o   In addition to ensuring your bike has reflectors, another way to be noticed is having reflectors on the spokes of your front and back tires. Reflectors under your seat and attached to your handle bars will add to your visibility.

o   A headlight is another effective way to ensure that drivers will see you while you are biking.

o   Even with neon clothing, reflectors on your bike, and headlights, it is not recommended to ride your bike in the dark.


Sharing the road with vehicles is a crucial element for your safety. Since bikes are considered vehicles, cyclists must follow the rules of the road.

o   When riding your bike, you must ride in the same direction as the flow of the traffic.

o   Cyclists are expected to stop at red lights and stop signs; you can go through green lights.

o   You need to follow the same rules as car drivers when you encounter a pedestrian. When someone walking is in a walkway, they have the right or way.

o   Use hand signals to indicate right or left turns and when you will be stopping. Even with the use of signals, be sure to look before turning.

o   Pay attention to your surroundings. Look out for parked cars and plan your safe maneuver around them. You need to do the same for obstructions, such as potholes, in the roadway.

Following a few safety tips for biking will let you get outside and enjoy your ride.