Renting a Trash Dumpster for a Community Yard Sale


The key to running your yard sale smoothly is organization. If you are arranging a group or community yard sale and have different boxes for various items, have everyone mark their things clearly before starting and mark the pay tables. The price for each item should be decided beforehand and marked on each item for sale to avoid any confusion or the need for people to constantly ask about prices. If you have kids helping out, why not let them organize a lemonade/bake sale that they can run on the side.

Dealing with the leftovers

At the end of the sale, you might still have a lot of unsold items. Maybe too many to simply leave them for the regular municipal garbage collection service? Your best bet is to rent a dumpster from a local dumpster rental service. If you have bulky things to throw out like domestic appliances, then hiring a dumpster will be a lifesaver. Trying to deal with bulky waste on your own is a nightmare! Let the pros tackle it for you.

Dumpster rental

Rental dumpsters are a lot simpler to hire than most people think, whether you live in the city or you’re a dedicated suburbanite. There are companies available that will rent you everything you need for the disposal of any waste you might have, such as after a yard sale when you still need to get rid of various unwanted items. All you need to do is pick-up the phone and schedule the day and time you want the dumpster delivered to your home. Then you will be able to get all your trash hauled away without any hassle.

Next-day or same-day hire

Ordering a dumpster upfront will avoid any worry about dealing with leftover items following the yard sale. You don’t always need to make your order well in advance. Sometimes you can even get a dumpster organized with as little as 24 hours notice. The dumpster will then be delivered to wherever you need it. Arranging the dumpster hire the day before you need it can give enough time for the dumpster rental service provider to plan and execute the job if they have units available. In some cases, you can even get a same day dumpster rental service delivered to your neighborhood.

Get permission

It is customary to obtain a permit for almost any community activity organized, and especially if you plan on parking a dumpster in the neighborhood for some time. When you are going to dedicate yourself to organizing a community yard sale, or even another noble cause such as community cleanup, you can obtain a permit from the city or municipal authorities to prepare for the big event.

Organizing a community yard sale will allow you to finally get rid of all those household things you no longer need or want. What’s more, involving your neighbors will make it an enjoyable day. You may even decide to use the sale as a fundraiser for a local charity or other organization in the community.

Whatever the reason is behind the yard sale, don’t forget to check out local dumpster rental companies beforehand to make sure you aren’t left with loads of unwanted household items on the street following the sale.