Questions and their answers related to Queen Elizabeth I


    Who is Elizabeth I?

    Elizabeth I was the daughter of the forgotten warrior king Henry the VIII. Her mother’s name was Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth I is remembered as the Queen of England. Most of them often call her a Virgin queen, and historians named her the Good Queen Bess.

    The year from when Queen Elizabeth became the actual Queen till she died is called the period of the Elizabethan era.

    Were there any Siblings of Queen Elizabeth I

    Elizabeth was the second child of father Henry and the mother Anne Boylen, who was also the second wife of Henry VIII. The first wife gave birth to Mary, which is why she is considered to be the older sister of Elizabeth. And yes, Edward was the son of Henry’s third wife. So, he was a young brother of Elizabeth.

    Although, they both, i.e., Mary and Edward, were the half-sister and brother respectively. Elizabeth had no brother-in-law.

    When Elizabeth I became Queen?

    Frankly speaking, it was never expected that Elizabeth would be the next Queen after her parents’ death. Her father itself mentioned in parliamentary sessions that she would not be in the way of succession. Although after the death of Edward and Mary, the only progeny of the king remaining was Elizabeth.

    In short, after the fatality of her brother and sister, Elizabeth became the next Queen of England’s for more than 40 years.

    Was Elizabeth I a popular queen?

    For many parts of England and European countries, Elizabeth I was considered as the famous, strong and well-known personality in those days. And it is not surprising that even now, she is popular because of her glowing personality and unique characteristic.

    Why is Elizabeth called as Virgin Queen?

    There are many books published after hundreds of researches which suggests us that Elizabeth, I never looked upon the marriage and wedding. Even after forcing from other members of the royal family, she was still clear with his mindset of not marrying.

    Moreover, the Queen was never shown interest in any sort of affairs with any other mail. Well, now you know why she is always termed as the virgin Queen.

    Is Elizabeth a screen star?

    The Queen is portrayed in television shows and Hollywood movies than any other ruler. In fact, she is the only lady who is more famous than any other king or queen when it comes to cinema. Since 1914, when the film industry has grown up, Elizabeth I is considered to be a key factor in grabbing the attention of not only historians but also the local public.

    Was Elizabeth cruel to others?

    Unlike any other crucial king or Queen, Elizabeth I was the friendliest ruler of all time. It may seem that Elizabeth looks like a dictator who is ready to possess injustice to common people in England.

    But for your knowledge Elizabeth I’s history shows that she also loved to give nicknames to her ministers, which speaks about her loyalty. She was always dedicated to work for the welfare of the public and does not intend to use brutal force against her personnel