Now T-Shirt Choices Depend on Body Type – Who Knew?


I am starting to feel a bit like a Renaissance man. Why, you ask? Because I have recently had to begin investigating men’s fashion in order to write some articles. I’m learning tons of information I never knew before. For example, did you know that it is not okay for a man to choose just any T-shirt? Oh, no. Modern T-shirt choices depend on body type. Go figure!

I am old enough to remember when T-shirts became daily wear. Prior to that, they were only undergarments that were always covered by a collared shirt. So you could say I’ve been around since the days of the T-shirt dinosaurs.

At any rate, guys at that time chose T-shirts off the rack without much concern over style or fashion. Doing so today would be unheard of. Knowing what I know now, my next visit to the Umai online store for anime T-shirts and sweatshirts will have to be made with an eye on my body type.

  • 5 Body Types for Men

I kid you not, male physiques are now divided into five body types. You can find them here if you don’t believe me. Apparently, I have to buy my anime T-shirts to fit my body type or they won’t look right. Which body type do I have? I’ll describe all five below and let you take your pick.

  • Rectangle – The rectangular body type is pretty symmetrical from shoulders to waist. You are talking straight lines. There isn’t too much bulk up top and very little fat down below.
  • Triangle – The triangle body type demonstrates with a wider midsection compared to the shoulders. Men with triangle body types generally have sagging shoulders and a bit of girth around the midsection.
  • Reverse Triangle – The reverse triangle body type is the bodybuilder’s body type. You have broad shoulders and muscular arms but a very thin waist. There isn’t an ounce of fat on your midsection, either.
  • Trapezoid – If you have a trapezoid body type, you probably have broader shoulders and an average midsection. Your shoulders will be wider than your waist, but not by much.
  • Oval – The oval body type is the one every man dreads. It speaks for itself. If you have this body type, you have at least a spare tire around your midsection. It is a safe bet that your chest sags a bit, too.

If you are not quite sure about these body types, follow the link from earlier in this post. You’ll be treated to a complete diagram that really brings things to life.

  • Choose T-Shirts Accordingly

Although I think dividing men’s bodies into five body types goes a little bit too far, I get the point. I want to choose a T-shirt that looks good on me. I also want one that is comfortable. The problem is that I have never seen T-shirts made for specific body types. It’s not like I can look on the label and find something for my trapezoid, triangle, or oval.

When I was young, one of the more popular nationally known department stores came out with a line of clothing meant to help young boys learn how to coordinate what they were wearing. Each piece was decorated with the logo of a well-known pro sports team. All boys had to do was match logos to guarantee that their pants, shirts, and sweaters were all coordinated.

Maybe that’s what I need for my T-shirts now. Maybe I need a label that tells me it’s good for my body type. Otherwise, I could find myself walking around in a T-shirt that doesn’t work. Who knew?