Learn How to Play Rummy and Become a Wiser Person



    Rummy is a great pastime. All you need is a deck of playing cards, or maybe not. These days, you can play this game on the internet. You can make a rummy game download on your device and enjoy playing anytime and from anywhere. But be it online or offline gaming, you must know how to play this game for the best experience. In this post, we will discuss about how to start the game, group cards, form a valid hand, and a few gaming tips and strategies.

    • Group Cards from the Start of the Game

    In online rummy, the gaming platform distributes cards to players at a random. It is your luck what type of cards you will get. You may receive related or unrelated cards. To improve your game, you should start grouping the cards at the very start of the game. This will make it easier for you to decide which cards to pick and discard. Also, it will give you an idea as to which cards show the possibility of forming pure sequences, impure sequences, and sets.

    • You need to group related playing cards together. So that whenever you get an ideal card for a combination, you can arrange them into a sequence or set, quickly.
    • For instance, you have 5 and 7 of Spade. Group these two together so that whenever you receive 6 of Spade, you can make a natural run of 5, 6, and 7 of Spade.
    • Similarly, you can group unrelated cards together. Whenever it is the time to discard a card, you can discard one from this group.
    • Or if you receive a related card to the one from this group, you can rearrange the combination for a probable meld.
    • For instance, you have 8 of Diamond and 3 of Club. Once you get 4 of Club, you can group 3 of Club and this card together, and discard 8 of Diamond.
    • Formations – Sequences and Sets

    In rummy online, it is essential to have a pure sequence in hand. Depending on the gaming platform, the rules to formations may differ. Some websites accept one pure sequence in hand, while others may want you to at least have two natural runs. So be updated with the norms of the app you play on. In the above-given pointer, we had seen an example of a natural run/pure sequence, i.e. combination of consecutive cards in a group of 3 or 4 cards of the same suit.

    • In Indian rummy, an impure sequence is the same as the natural run. But here, you can complete the sequence with the help of a Wild Card or a Joker Card. 
    • So taking the above example, if you did not have 6 of Spade but a Joker Card, then you can still make an impure sequence – 5, Joker Card, and 7 of Spade. The Joker Card, as you can see, acts as a substitute to 6 of Spade.
    • In a set, you group 3 cards together of the same face value. However, these can be of different suits. For instance, the arrangement can be – three 2s of Heart, Diamond, and Spade.
    • Open Pile and Closed Pile

    Now that you understand how to form sequences and sets, it is time to know the use of the open pile and closed pile. In card games, an open pile is the discard section. When you throw a card, it lands in the discard pile. This pile is visible to everyone. So whenever your opponents discard a card, you can view it, and vice-versa. Keep an eye on the discard section. It will help to analyze the game-play of the opponents. You can even guess the cards in the hand of the rival by this tactic.

    • A closed pile on the other hand, is not visible to everyone. So whenever a person picks a card from this section, the card will be visible only to this individual. It is advisable to form your sequences and sets from the cards of a closed pile.
    • As the opponents cannot see the card you picked, they will not have any clue about your rummy game strategy. But, this does not mean you cannot pick a card from the open pile.
    • However, you should be selective about cards you pick from the discard section. For instance, pick cards from here only if it completes a natural run.
    •  If you already have formed a pure sequence, then you may pick a card from this pile to make a set or an impure sequence as well. This is because it is best to not leave many clues for the rivals to guess your hand.
    • Understand Moves of the Opponents

    When your opponent discards a card, you must keep a note of it. Similarly, you must be able to recall the cards discarded by every rival to understand which cards you can wait or not. If a person is taking much time in making a move, it may mean he/she is thinking hard as to which card to discard, or confused. One of the key things about how to play rummy is the skills involved – observation, focus, memory, concentration, practical thinking, etc.

    • Look for baits by rivals. They will try to coax you into throwing a card they need to make sets or sequences. So, the opponent can discard a card, and prompt you to throw a related card he/she needs.
    • There are no rummy rules as to which cards a person is allowed to discard. But if someone throws a Joker Card, you cannot pick it or use it as a Wild card.
    • If you discard a Joker Card, you cannot even reverse the turn and pick up the same. So be careful about Wild Cards, keep them safely.

    Final Thoughts

    When playing real cash rummy or a practice game, remember you need to think practically. Also, you should be quick in playing your move as every turn is timed. If you miss three consecutive moves, then you could be dropped from the game.  If you have formed all the required sequences and sets for a win, then instantly declare the game. Follow the above given suggestions, and you will be able to play smartly.