7 Best Improvement and Remodeling Ideas to Boost your House Value


A house is an important part of your life and a valuable asset. But sometimes conditions are different and you might have to make a difficult decision about selling your house.

If you are going to sell your house, pay attention to some home improvement and remodeling ideas to increase the value of the house. You need to get the home renovation estimate from the professional to get a good idea about the value of your house. It is important to note that many of the projects will add value to your home and this will improve your family’s quality of life. By working on the projects, enjoy the benefits and updates. Furthermore, if you are going for some green updates on your property, then you will start regaining your investment once the project is completed.

Some of the projects that will add value to your home are as follows:

1-Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of a house and improvement done in this area will pay you back. According to HGTV, you can except to regain 60% to 120% of the investment on your kitchen remodel. Remember that don’t make your kitchen fancy as compared to the rest of your house. For the right kitchen remodeling estimate, get in touch with a professional estimating company in your area.

  • Why Investing in Deluxe Kitchen is Not Good?

According to an experience, the house that is having a fancy kitchen will not sell soon. Most of the homeowners spend a lot by adding various appliances, countertops, and much more to make their kitchen as fancy as the restaurant kitchen. Some do add the décor pieces to make it more stylish. The cost of a kitchen remodel for all this will be around $50000 to $60000. Note that if you are planning to sell your house in the next five years, then you should not make your kitchen deluxe or fancy.

  • Little Paint is Helpful

Wondering, how much to spend on your kitchen remodel? The price can range from $5000 to 75000 or maybe more. You can easily give an attractive look to your kitchen by adding a new paint color in your kitchen area. A fresh coat of paint will go a long way toward the up-gradation of your kitchen. Painting is cheap and it will help to elevate the entire look of the house.

  • Energy Efficient Appliances

It’s time to replace your old appliances to update the look of the kitchen area. The best investment will be the energy star rated appliances and they are better for the environment as well. Get the best energy start estimates through skilled electrical estimator for a better idea about the cost. Buying these appliances will also help you to save money because you will pay less on the electricity bill.

2-Bathroom Addition

Having only one bathroom in your house? If yes, then it’s time to invest and add one more bathroom within your property. According to the HGTV estimates, you can regain 80 to 130% of your investment by spending on the addition of your house.

Finding space to add a new bathroom? For this, have a look at the extra rooms or under-utilized spaces. It is better to consider other spaces like closets or areas under the stairs. If you are planning to add a half bath, then you need a space of 18 square feet. In the case of a full bath, 30 square feet are needed to get the work done. These are some of the bathroom addition estimates that you should keep in your mind.

3-Add Energy-Efficient Windows

It is a fact that buyers are keeping the energy-efficiency in their minds when buying a house. Energy Star claims that adding energy start rated windows will help you save costs up to $500 per year in heating and cooling costs by making your home more energy-efficient. According to an estimate by HGTV, expect to get a return of 60% to 90% on investment. For energy star window estimates, contact experienced estimating company near to you.

4-Reinventing Your Home

Adding a room in your property can be an expensive investment. Instead, you should think about reinventing the space within your home. You can go for finishing a basement or convert an attic to the bathroom. In case of any problem, you can consider getting a room reinventing estimate from a professional company. The majority of the homeowners can add a small apartment in or over their garages that they can rent out as a room.

Below are some of the reinvent options that you can choose for your house:

  • Versatile room attracts more potential buyers.
  • A basement will frequently work as a second living room or a game room.
  • Attic spaces will work well as a craft room and game rooms especially when they are having high ceilings.

5-Energy-Efficient Insulation

Is your house lacking basic insulation? Having old doors that let hot and cold air in the house? These all things will be added in the report by the home inspector that works with the potential buyers. By updating your home to save energy, there is no need to spend a lot of money. But in return, it will help you save a good amount every year. For instance, the addition of extra insulation inside your attic for $200 or less will help you to save hundreds per year on your utility bills. For proper energy-efficient insulation estimating, contact the professional estimating company.

6-Addition of Deck

Adding a deck will also increase your property. There is no doubt that outdoor living space has become very desirable. If you are going to make your deck and backyard more appealing, then your house should be appealing in the eyes of a buyer. According to the claim by HGTV, you can expect to regain an investment of 65% to 90% by adding a deck in your house. The average deck addition estimate can range from $1200 to $11000.

7-Basic Updates

Basic updates surely add value to your house. Things to be done in the list of updates include keeping your paint fresh, fixing the roof whenever it leaks and replacing the wood that rots, and gets rid of any mold that you see in your house. Buyers are always looking to get a solid and safe home during their visit; they will be looking for the signs of routine maintenance. So, it is very important to do the basic updates.

This was a brief about all the improvements and remodeling ideas that can increase the value of your house. If you are still looking to get the right home remodeling cost estimate, get in touch with the experienced estimating company. The experts will be using advanced software to complete the estimate for valuable customers.

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