Is It Time for a Tech Upgrade?


The holiday season always brings about some big new items in tech, and the end of last year was no different as both Sony and Microsoft released their newest dedicated consoles and big names in the PC space released newer big-ticket items too. Each year there is of course the cycle for new mobile devices too, with Samsung, Apple, and others offering a variety of different changes. With big new releases though, how do you know if it’s time for a tech upgrade, and how do you determine if the potential upgrades are making a difference?

For the gamers – With both the new consoles and the changes to PC hardware, those who have been looking for a way to step up their own gaming potential will certainly be interested in checking out the hardware in tech – particularly with the rise in popularity for esports which has brought a wider audience around to gaming too and the growth of other markets like betting at If you’re looking for an upgrade, the new consoles and the new PC hardware are definitely solid choices, and if its time for an upgrade here it may certainly be worth exploring – however there are currently supply issues and a big problem with botters and scalpers and getting your hands on the newer tech may be much harder than it needs to be.

Mobile users might want to hold off – There had been some big releases in the mobile space too as Samsung’s latest flagship device had become available and news from other manufacturers had certainly drawn the attention of some, but with the rising cost of devices many are starting to hold off on upgrading for a little longer than usual. With the latest wave of releases, you may be better off holding off too – newer offerings have few changes in the internal components and so performance for devices over the past few years has largely remained unchanged aside from a few niche items like the camera. Unless you’re looking for something specific, it may be worth holding off on a mobile upgrade until something more substantial is announced.

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Excitement from other tech – You’ll also be able to find a lot of excitement swirling around other tech spaces though, things like virtual reality are starting to make a move forward with recent announcements that there will be more focus on delivering a better experience for a lower cost, particularly through the newer consoles too, and with big deals on things like smart watches if you’re yet to grab one now may be the perfect opportunity – much like mobile they have staled a little in development, but are certainly just as functional. Whilst neither is necessarily an upgrade, they can certainly give some quality of life or extra enjoyment in the day to day and are certainly worth exploring.