Instagram bio ideas to get your business noticed


If you need to get some traction to your company, you might have set up an Instagram account. Utilizing the digital era is a great idea nowadays, but it’s so hard to get attention to your page. This is where the bio of your Instagram account comes in. If you have a successful bio, you will surely see more business.

You might feel the pressure since this is the first thing prospective customers see, but fear not! Here are some great tips to write the perfect bio.

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Using Instagram for Online Advertising

The first thing you can do is use keywords to your benefit. If you didn’t know, there are certain words that Google loves to show to its users. Adding descriptive words to your business Instagram will yield better results on Google which leads to more clicks. Check this out – instagram influencers use this tool.


Formatting is the next big thing to keep in mind. Having a really cleanly formatted bio with some emojis to break up the text will draw the eye of the reader. Similar to how much we love a photo in the middle of an article to keep our attention!


Use links in your bio! Link to your website, your blog, whatever you can link to that’s pertinent. This is another tool that will yield better Google results.

Call to Action

Give the customers a desire to do something. Using a call-to-action will make the reader take an additional step. This could be a line asking them to look at your site, contact you for certain reasons, or for them to follow your other social media. This is arguably the most important part of online advertising your business on Instagram. Checkout shopify stats.