Illuminate Your Path To Smart Living With Home Automation 


Welcome to the new way of living, where your house becomes an oasis of comfort, safety, and effectiveness. The trio of Legrand’s sensor lights, home automation, and video door phones dominate this era of Smart technology, making your living space an abode that epitomises contemporary living. 

Let us explore Legrand’s modern smart home technologies and find out how they can enhance your life.

The Magic Of Sensor Lights 

Firstly, let us go through the understated but powerful realm of sensor lights. Those days when you switch something on in the dark are gone! Sensor lights lead a path through your house. The advanced technology in these lights makes them motion-detecting enabling your surroundings to light up automatically and free-flowing.

Transform your living space using Legrand sensor lights that appear as part of your house while magically illuminating all areas. Bye, dark corner and welcome a bright friendly environment.

The Symphony Of Home Automation

Venture into home automation- your house talks back at you as you push a button or command the Synergy of smart thermostats, light control, and auto security systems to customise your comfort. 

Think of getting home to just the perfect temperature, ideal illumination, and a feeling of safety.

You can easily control the symphony of your living space using modern home automation solutions. You’re integrating everything from lighting to climate control into your home, and it’s all just as easy as pie.

The Guardian Of Your Gateway: Video Door Phones

Now we have the hero of home security – the video door phones. Gone are the days of wondering at the door, and now, a video door phone is your virtual fingertip peephole. These door phones by Legrand are visual and audible communications to guests for authentication purposes before unlocking it. 

Have peace of mind knowing that you can see and talk to someone at your door in real-time while maintaining your comfort with home security.

Bringing It All Together

Imagine this: As you approach, the sensor lights turn on with a warm glow welcoming you home. The smart home system changes the thermostat to your desired temperature and rings at the video door phone about delivery at the doorstep. The inclusion of sensor lights, home automation and video door phones seamlessly create a living area that does not just meet your needs but guesses them.

These include sensor lights that light your way, home automation systems that fit into your lifestyle, and video door phones that protect your entrance, which all combine into convenience, security and a modern home.


To summarise, in our discussions about sensor lights, home automation, and video door phones, it is evident that these are more than just technology; they are the keys to the new living era. Enhance your life’s living experience with an integrated set of smart solutions by Legrand

We are leading this transformational wave with different smart solutions that make your residence feel like another world. Incorporate the new way of life by turning your home into a fortress of technology, luxury, and protection.