How to Prepare the House Before You Install Flooring


It will surely be very exciting for all homeowners while installing new flooring at home. There will definitely be plenty of preparation work needed to prepare the house before the installers arrive.

If you are well prepared before your flooring installation then the process of installation will be easy and smooth. This also applies to those who are DIY enthusiasts and want to install all by themselves and also those who prefer to hire professional flooring contractors such as FlooringDomain.

Following are few lists of things that you must be ready with, before you start the installation process for the flooring.

  • Finish all remodelling works

Before, taking up the flooring installation work, try to finish all the remodelling work that you have planned for the room. It can be either painting the wall, any repair work or pasting new wall paper etc.

  • Take care of pets and children

While such activities are going on at your home, your pets as well as your young children if present at home will be most excited. Therefore, for their safety, find a suitable place for them and keep them busy, so that they never come into the room.

  • Remove all electrical/electronic installation

If there are any electrical or electronic gadgets installed in the room, then it should be disconnected and removed from the room. You may also have to call a technician, so that he can remove them in careful manner, so that after the job is completed, they can be again reinstalled without any problem.

  • Empty the room

Now you need to remove all the furniture or any other items lying in the room so that floor space becomes clear. In most cases, installers also help in removing your heavy items. However, at the end of the day, it is your responsibility to clear the space.

  • Remove all debris

Now you have to completely clean the room after removing all the unnecessary items lying on the floor. If there are any useful things that you need to keep, then store them at proper place so that you can easily find them back when needed.

  • Make your room accessible

Now before the installation professional enter the room, you have to make arrangement so that they have clear path available to enter the room. In case, if there is any item lying on the way that can obstruct their free movement during installation work, should be removed.

  • Prepare a containment zone

It will be nice to find an area which you can mark as containment zone, where you can store all the items that you have removed from the room. You may keep all your items fully covered, so that dust and dirt may not get settled over them.

  • Deconstruction

Now is the time, when all your old flooring has to be removed and deconstructed, so that next process can start. Basically, that will be done by the installers.

  • Install floors

Now the installer will take charge of the place and will start doing their necessary floor installation work.