How to Explain SEO to A 10-Year-Old


It would be a bombshell for parents or teachers if a ten-year kid asked them about SEO. Telling them that SEO means Search Engine Optimization would not settle the kid’s curiosity. The respondent, therefore, has to explain SEO to the kids in comprehensive ways. Consequently, this article will help any guardian or teacher to answer questions about SEO referring to the Las Vegas SEO company.

What Is SEO?

That should be the grassroots of an answer to the SEO question. First, inquire if the children know how to google. Probably, they should be aware because they typically do that for fun. The first test should be giving them a phone and letting them google an exciting topic. Like ‘the best cartoons to watch.’

Let them know that the search icon they clicked is the search engine. Tell the youngsters that the way websites appear on the search engine is because Google has ranked them highly. 

Their next question would be; how does google rank the different websites to appear first in SEO? 

For websites to appear on the search engine page, they must have two essential features. That is visibility and rankings. For youngsters to understand these aspects, a correspondent could use a supermarket situation. That is exhibits from video games, toys, or the items kids prefer.

Typically the vendors arrange the popular brands first in the shelves, then the other brands follow. What necessitates these arrangements because the famous brands’ sales are higher because of their admirable quality? That would be the same thing in SEO. That is because the sites which are popular or feature quality domains rank higher in SEO and this is done by agencies like Las Vegas SEO company.

How Google Ranks a Site?

Google and other search engine sites rank a website according to two attributes. That is the relevance of the content website page and the popularity of the website. In most cases, google assumes a popular platform possesses informative, educative, and entertaining content. Thus, such platforms deserve greater ratings.

To rank the newly established or the infamous sites. Google usually checks on the various aspects of such websites. The following are the aspects of google checks in those sites.

Content of information

The sites must have informative and engaging information corresponding to search engine queries. Hence, niche specialization is one thing companies adopt to have more google ratings. That means if the company is blogging about medicines. Most of its content will specialize in clinics and health fields. With time Google will grade its information highly.

The keywords

These are phrases or clauses that people usually search for. ‘The best cartoons to watch’ is an example of the keywords. Hence a site’s content should possess such keywords. Most bloggers use keywords multiple times as a strategy to gain viewership and ranking on google.


If a website uses informative links, they get significant ratings. Links are domains that direct the reader to another website. Websites can have links to other informative websites to justify their content. Some links may refer to governmental, journals, or scientific statistics sites. That reference strategy makes the content appear factual, where google scales it in SEO.

There is also a backlink strategy. It is applicable where companies have many websites that specialize in a specific niche. Thus, they put links on their same website in the content. Therefore, if many readers refer to those links, the company gains popularity.

The website domain

If the website domain and internet protocol are fast, then it gains a higher ranking. That is because most internet users prefer a speedy website. Hence companies should build websites that show the search results fast.