How to dress for a night out at a gentlemen’s club


It might seem like strip clubs are casual places with no strict dress code. Yes, the space is supposed to be casual, but you can’t show up in a tank top and flip-flops. There is a strict dress code: no flip flops – save those for the beach. There are some general rules when it comes to attire, however, different clubs have different rules.

What should you wear to a gentlemen’s club?

Basically, you should dress the same way you would when you are going out for the night. You won’t put on sweat pants to a night club and you could possibly think that they would be fine at a strip club. Dancers won’t be impressed by your sloppy attire. They spend hours putting together their looks and plenty of money on the costumes they wear so you can be impressed, the least you can do is to is look presentable.

What is the typical dress code for a gentlemen’s club?

The rule of thumb is to dress like it’s a typical workday. If you are a suit and tie type of guy and you feel comfortable in that then that is what you should wear. Otherwise, you can always wear fitted jeans and a formal shirt. Dancers will notice you if you come in looking nice. They’ll want to get closer to you if smell fresh and clean. Don’t overdo the cologne. You want to turn heads and you want to attract the dancers instead of repelling them. Put some thought into what you look like.

What should you not wear?
Sometimes it’s easier to go through what you should not wear than what you should. Some universal rules about strip club attire are:

No shorts: Gentlemen’s clubs want to maintain the status of being classy establishments. Shorts are not classy and they will lead to you being turned away at the door.

No Sandals, sneakers, or flip flops: Regardless of how hot it is or what brand they are, sandals and flops are a big no-no. Besides not looking classy enough, open footwear can pose a health risk. Sneakers are also too casual unless you dress them up. Different clubs have different rules, you might be able to skate through with some Gucci or Luis Vuitton sneakers. Depending on the club, you might be able to get in but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Tank Tops: Having a great body is wonderful. You might want to show off your big guns with a tank top but honestly, if you are visiting strip clubs people aren’t there to see you and your six-pack, they are there to see the girls so, put those guns away.

Ripped Jeans: Jeans are fine, as long as they are not ripped or ill-fitting. It might be fashionable but it is tacky. To be safe, stick to ordinary smart jeans or nice slacks.

Sports Clothes: Once again, no sportswear. It’s too casual.

If you avoid these, you’ll have no trouble gaining entry into the club. If you feel overdressed, you shouldn’t be worried. It’s better to be overdressed than to be caught wearing the wrong thing. If you are comfortable and you show up in a good mood with a good attitude then you’ll be sure to have the best time.