How Integral are Road Signs in Traffic Management?

Directing and controlling the flow of traffic

Everyone of us has come across traffic and construction signages at some point. They are aligned all along our route, and are utilized as a primary resource to guide and warn the drivers. This majorly helps to regulate the flow of traffic in the form vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, and others who move through the roadways. 

All the traffic and construction sites are expected to convey clear and simple messages for everyone’s safety. They should be prominent enough to command the individuals to a right path and must be strategically placed to alert the drivers and passersby. These signages come in specific shapes, colors, and symbols to streamline the road safety. 

What is the purpose of installing road signs?

The road and traffic signs are placed with the motive of warning the drivers and maintaining a steady flow of traffic all throughout. If the messaging on the road is inconsistent, it will make commuting difficult and also dangerous. 

Types of traffic and road signs

Below are the common types of signs that one can find on the streets and roads.

Regulatory signs

These types of signs include stop signs, one-way signs, yield signs, No U-Turn signs, speed limits, one-way, No Parking, and Road closed signs. These signs primarily aim at maintaining the speed and regulating the flow of traffic on the road and in the parking areas.

Warning signs

Warning signs are used mainly in bright yellow and diamond shapes. They warn the drivers about impending issues like merging traffic, bicycle crossings, railroads, and other traffic signals ahead.

Pedestrian and bicycle signs

These types of road signs indicate the pedestrians about the crosswalks. It also informs about where the bike lanes begin and end on any of the major roadways.

Guide signs

These are certain typical guides which include the highway and the interstate signs, the destination distance signs, the roadway junction signs, highway exit signs, and the mile markers.

Motorist services and recreation signs

These signs specifically indicate recreation areas. These are the hiking trails, campgrounds, gas stations, picnic areas, rest areas, or emergency services.

School signs

School signs warn the drivers about any schools that are nearby. They direct them to lower their speeds and watch for any pedestrians or children.

The Capital Traffic Management services use all these signs effectively, in sync with different projects and control the traffic efficiently.