How Berkey Shower Filter Can Help Avoid Dry Skin



Do you know that harmful chemicals and chlorine found in your shower water can cause dry skin? Do you want to maintain soft and healthy skin all the time? In this case, it’s time for you to use a Berkey shower filter.  To learn more about Berkey shower filters, visit

Having a Berkey shower filter in your bathroom can provide many benefits to human health. A Berkey shower filter is designed to remove large parts of chlorine and harmful toxins found in the water. These are the reasons why every one of us experiences dry skin after we take a shower.

Today, we will discuss Berkey shower filters, and it’s valuable benefits to our skin. We will also tackle the types of water in your property.

Finally, we will provide some guidelines on how to select the best shower filter for your whole family.

Types of a Shower Water and How It Affects our Skin

There are many positive things you can get from using a shower filter in your bathroom space. That’s because water produced in your district water treatment provides a harmful effect on your body.

If not appropriately filtered, this water can lead to serious health problems. Here are the types of shower water and its effect on human skin.

  • Shower Water with Chlorine

Chlorine is one of the leading agents for cleaning your district’s water. When a water         treatment facility delivers the water in each house, they will make sure that it is clean and      safe. For this reason, they will add chlorine to the water system.

However, if too much chlorine is present in the water, it can lead to various health             problems. Among these are dry skin, skin irritation, and vapor suffocation.

That’s why we need to fix a Berkey shower filter. It helps you to get rid of harmful           chlorine from the water. It will help you to maintain the natural moisture from your skin.

  • Extreme Hot Shower Water

Frequently use of hot water during your shower can damage your skin. It will strip the      natural oil that produces moisture from the surface. As a result, it will create dry and         unhealthy skin.

  • Inorganic Materials in the Shower Water

Inorganic materials found in the water can increase the pH level of water. Once water is    high in pH, it will become more acidic. As a result, it can harm your skin and hair.

A Berkey shower filter can solve these problems. It filters all kinds of inorganic materials found in your shower water. You are making your entire body safe from toxic inorganic   stuff in the water.

  • Showering with Hard Water

Hard water is a product of excess magnesium, and calcium can be found in the water.       These natural minerals are the reason why your skin is dry when taking a shower. As a     result, it can lead to blemish skin and dull hair.

Berkey shower filters will help you to remove these harmful minerals from the water. It     will prevent any hard water from passing to your showerheads.

How to Achieve a Clean and Filtered Shower Water

If you want to maintain a healthy glowing skin every day, use a Berkey shower filter. It is proven safe and effective against water contaminants. Besides, a Berkey shower filter is relatively low in price. You can enjoy using this product without spending too much money.

Cool Features of a Berkey Shower Filter

Here are the reasons why you need a Berkey shower filter in your shower system:

  • Berkey Showers Filter Provides a Well-Built Design

A Berkey shower filter provides a sturdy design. It can withstand a maximum pressure of             100 psi. It maintains a pressure of 2.5 gallons of water in a minute. It is the standard   pressure allowed in the United States.

  • Berkey Shower Filters Provides a Long Lifespan

A Single Berkey shower filter has a lifespan for up to 25,000 gallons of water. Once it      reaches its limit, you need to replace it with a new one to maximize its working output.

On the other hand, you can also replace the Berkey filter every year. This schedule            applies to people who only live alone.

  • Berkey Shower Filters Protect your Skin from Water Toxins

A Berkey shower filter is an all-round shower water strainer. It removes all the harmful     toxins such as germs, inorganic stuff, and heavy metals that are present in the water.

  • Berkey Shower Filters are Low in Price

Did you know that a complete Berkey shower filter set is less than $100 only? Try to        invest in the right product, and it will lead you to a total health and wellness package.

  • Berkey Shower Filter Includes a Massage Shower Head

A complete Berkey shower filter includes a massage showerhead and a filter cartridge.      The purpose of a massage shower head is to adjust the water’s pressure in the most    convenient way. So that when you’re taking a shower, you will feel relaxed.

On the other hand, a filter cartridge is placed right before the shower filter head. Its          primary function is to filtrate all the harsh chemicals found in the water.

Proper Maintenance of Berkey Shower Filter

Experts suggest that you need to clean your Berkey shower filter for at least once a month. We need to do these cleaning methods to maintain the proper pressure of the Berkey filters. Here are simple steps you need to follow:

  1. First, remove your shower filter from the shower arm.
  2. Remove the showerhead from the Berkey shower filter.
  3. Next, you need to flush the filter with high water pressure to remove all the dirt from the filter.
  4. Last, return all the Berkey shower filter parts from its original place.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a Berkey shower filter system is a perfect way to maintain healthy skin. Also, it will help you achieve daily wellness not only for yourself but also with your entire family.

So, try to consider the above guidelines for you to choose the right shower filter for your daily needs. It will help you to save time and money. You need to choose only the best, and that is a Berkey shower filter.