HOA Management: Hiring a Manager for Easier HOA Fees Payment and Collection


One of the major tasks an HOA board has to perform is to collect HOA fees from owners of managed community properties. They will need this collection for maintaining and operating the community. If you are a board member, you may be wondering if there are ways you can make it easier for residents to pay HOA fees. Property owners must pay these fees but it can be challenging to manage a pile of checks every month. For HOAs, phoenix hoa management companies can collect fees for them. 

Understanding HOA Dues

Every HOA community is different. But, HOAs may use fees similarly. For example, an association may use fees for city services including trash removal, water utilities, and sewage utilities. Such utilities are managed by the board on their behalf. Also, fees from property owners may also go towards insurance that may cover damage to areas the association manages. 

Moreover, HOA fees are often used for maintaining and repairing common areas and shared amenities.  For example, the association might maintain parking lots and roadways. Some HOAs use the fees for covering special amenities and services such as pools and fitness centers. Property owners need to pay HOA fees on time to ensure effective and efficient management of the association and smooth community operation. 

The Legal Aspect of Paying HOA Fees and Foreclosures

If a property owner stops paying their HOA fees, the association could file a lien against the property they own. Or the association could file a lawsuit or may foreclose on the house of the non-paying owner. Foreclosure is possible if the owner owes the association some money, depending on the state’s limit. But, sometimes, an HOA may let an owner enter a payment plan, so they can catch up on their dues. For most HOAs, it is a lot to handle all this work together with collecting fees.  Thankfully, an HOA management company can take the burden off of the board’s shoulders. 

How to Make HOA Fee Payments Easier

To make it easier for property owners to pay their HOA fees, the board should consider hiring an association manager. Also, the manager can take over other volunteer duties of the HOA that take a lot of time. But, the HOA must look for the right manager for the job. A great HOA manager has a system in place that includes the use of digital solutions to streamline the payment process.