Hanging on a Thread Deciding How to Store Clothes? These Tips will Cut You Loose


As moving day approaches, last minute packing of items like clothes can pose a problem—if you’re ill prepared. Granted, it’s easy to just toss everything in boxes or plastic bags and make a run for it or stick it in a storage facility.

But, who’s going to iron out the wrinkles left behind from that laziness? Avoid adding heaps of laundry to your ‘to-do’ list upon moving in with these clothing packing tips.

Moving Clothes on Hangers

Hanging clothes are truly the bane of any fashion-loving person’s existence when it comes time to move or pack things up for storage facilities. Easy solutions include:

Wardrobe Boxes: While they are a bit costly, you get what you pay for with a standup wardrobe box. They feature metal hanger bars that essentially allow each wardrobe box to act as a portable closet.

Garment Bags: An easy solution for keeping hanging clothes organized and lying flat are garment bags that are waterproof and feature a handy zip front.

Garbage Bags: Keeping prized clothes in garbage bags is super cheap and easy. Drop clothes in and tie the hangers together with the tie or cinch and go. Poking a hole in the bottom of the bag and easing hangers into it will keep clothes protected just as well.

Moving Clothes in a Boxes and Bags

Half of the average person’s wardrobe isn’t stored on hangers, and they are the easiest to pack for moving. Simply put clean clothes folded neatly (they are neat, right?) into a box, and if you’re planning long term storage, consider shielding them in plastic bags.

Don’t care how those gym clothes, T-shirts and undergarments get there? Toss them in a garbage bag or vacuum sealed storage bags and move on.

Got Too Much Stuff? Consider a Self-Storage Facility

You can’t always take everything you want right now, so consider looking into a storage facility that can meet your temporary overflow needs.