Foyer Decorating Ideas: Some Best Ways to Design Your Hallway To Look Stunning


Hallways are an essential part of your home that the guests see first when they arrive. Being the first impression thing, it is usually ignored while designing and decorating your home. If not decorated properly with a precise design, the hallway may give unusual look to your entire interior design.

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Here is some helpful advice to décor your hallway –

Understand the dimension to select proper decor

It is the most important step while planning to renovate your hallway. The dimensions of your hallway, wide or narrow, will help you to select perfect styling and lighting effects. Styling your wide hallway with wall sconces will not illuminate the entire space properly. For such reasons, understanding the dimension of your hallway is critical for selecting a perfect hallway décor solution.

Co-relate with interior design

You can design and décor hallway to match with the rest of your home. Try matching the design, color, lighting fixtures, and other décor items with the rest of the interior designs. This defines the harmony of your home and gives an aesthetic definition to your hallway for a warm welcoming gesture.

Utilize the hallway space

There are plenty of décor items to include in a hallway décor like a curated gallery wall, mirrors, benches, artwork, runner rugs, framing, and wall sconces. They are the focal point of your hallway of any dimension. Mirrors can brighten a narrow hallway and makes it appear larger. You can give a rustic and traditional look by installing a gallery, artwork, or wall sconce.

By placing a bench, you can create a vintage look with a flower vase, trendy wall lamps, and some candle bowls. It also provides space to keep your sanitizer bottle, helmet, keys, umbrella, and other belonging in your hallway. A runner rug is a narrow but long rug that can provide directions towards a hall or staircase to your new guests.

Right lighting fixture to display the hallway designs

Lighting is considered the essence of any interior design. There is a wide range of chandeliers like a raindrop, flush-mount, pendants, and much more to choose from. When selected precisely to match your interior and hallway designs, each type of chandelier can add a sense of luxurious lifestyle irrespective of its size.

A narrow hallway appears elegant with a single ring crystal chandelier that can be placed at equal distances around your hallway to sparkle the feeling of grace and gratitude. An antique industrial cage chandelier can give an artistic design to your hallway. Your wide hallway with a modern globe cage chandelier can be a compliment to your rustic home decor.