Common mistakes in deciding which office space best suit your business


Choosing the right office space has a big impact on the success of your business. All will be greatly affected once you have made a wrong decision in this aspect. You may opt to seek expert advice in this decision-making. You may also take note of these common mistakes of businesses in choosing the best fit office space.


Mistake Number 1 – Failure to accurately identify your requirements

Be sure to define your workplace requirement to better identify what kind of office space your company needs. Also, consider if the kind of office space suits your Company’s industry. Note that the adaptability and flexibility of your workplace is a must so it can cope with Company’s growth and changes.

Mistake Number 2 – Assuming the future is predictable

The best lesson previous years has taught us is that we can never foresee and prepare for what the future holds. So it would be a big mistake if you tie yourself up to a long-term office space lease because of these uncertainties. You have to consider that agility and flexibility is also an asset, therefore committing to a conventional lease contract would be a big No. There are better options if you are not certain of what lies ahead, flexible office space may fit in.

Mistake Number 3 – Failure to consider all possible options

There are numerous office space options available in the market. Nowadays you have a much broader range of office spaces to choose from. You have to look at all possible options that would suit well in your company. Once you have clear-cut which type of office space you need, you can narrow down the list which best matches your requirements.

Mistake Number 4 – Prioritizing cost over the location

Sometimes, because of one’s desire to minimize the cost, the location is being set aside. But that is a big mistake everyone is not aware of. Location plays a big role in retaining and attracting the best employees and clients. After the staff costs, the second biggest allocated budget goes to the cost of office spaces. Office location has a big effect on its cost, therefore, locating wisely is very crucial. Scale-ups and Startups will have contrasting needs to that of a huge corporate industry in finding on-site office spaces.

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