Choose Chinese-speaking agents for Chinese Clients


Working with Chinese clients starts with a word of caution. China is as diverse as Europe in a lot of ways, hence every Chinese client should be treated cautiously. 

In the past few years, a lot of transactions both residential or commercial have occurred with Chinese families and business people. Nonetheless China’s gigantic diversity has given the real estate companies a certain concrete insight into the expectations of Chinese clients, depending on the factors which shape their investment decisions and how they can serve this segment in the best way.

In comparison to the other investment segments, you will find a higher preference for real estate investment in the Chinese clients. As per the US Census Bureau and other studies, Asian Americans, majorly Chinese Americans, have the highest ownership rate in comparison to other immigrant groups.

You have several reasons for this, but the end line is that when Chinese people come to the US and Canada, real estate is the first major investment they choose to make. Apart from cultural predisposition, other things which appeals to Chinese clients about Canada is the peace of mind which Canada’s strong rule of law gives to them.

High amount of residential property in China is leasehold, usually 70-years. And, to maintain the property market, the Chinese government gives restricted land titles to people, either one or two, depending on the area. So, in order to expand their ownership title, real estate investment in Canada is doubly appealing to the Chinese:

  • It is usually freehold
  • You can own as many lands as you want.
  • Your investment is free from all political, legal risks.

But the question is how can real estate professionals find more and more clients in the Chinese market and render services effectively to them?

Chinese clients consider Canada for relocation or business purposes and Chinese real estate agents also serve with a wider range of settlement services. Some of them include forming amalgamation with immigration consultants, lawyers etc.

For Chinese real estate agent serving Chinese clients, the idea of full service includes meeting clients at the airport, showing them major locations of the area, advising on daily lifestyle, and benefits of investment. If it is a business-related property, then the pros and cons of that accordingly.

There are a lot of ways to build relationships with Chinese clients, but one of the most effective approaches for a real estate company is to hire Chinese real estate agent. This is more effective than direct or affiliate marketing in China. 

Chinese speaking real estate agents can easily wipe out the language barrier and make the client comfortable to talk in their native language. Having marketing material, market evaluations and other reports in Chinese will serve your potential clients in a better way.

Not too many real estate agencies consider this fact. It is a significant way to conquer the minds and hearts of your potential Chinese clients. With high quality service and integrity, you can definitely make it work, both for you and your client.