BBC History Magazine


The BBC History Magazine is a journal that includes British and world history and caters to all types of readers and knowledge seekers. Every year, the publication publishes thirteen editions, one per month, plus a special Christmas edition. BBC History is the best-selling history magazine in the United Kingdom, and it’s now available as an app. 

Once you’ve downloaded the BBC History Magazine app, you’ll be faced with an extensive library of publications to choose from, all of which can be accessed for a nominal annual subscription price. Once you’ve subscribed, you can read any of the editions on your phone or tablet whenever and wherever you like. Say goodbye to carrying around large magazines, in crowded public transport or on trips. This app has brought history into your hands.

Topical features, often aligning with current BBC Radio and Television programming and written by academic historians, historical analysis of news events and comparisons with similar previous events, reviews of new books and media, and features into significant historical locations are all included in the magazine. 

It covers all periods of history, and while it is based in the United Kingdom, its scope is global. The features are written by eminent historians, and while the magazine is never stuffy, you can rest assured that you’re reading the most up-to-date thinking. Whatever historical interest you have, you’ll find something interesting inside.

Features of BBC History Magazine

A BBC History Magazine membership brings everything to life in vivid detail, whether it’s examining the historical context to today’s world or reliving stories from the distant past. Every month, an unrivaled group of historians and authors offer their perspectives on a wide range of issues, from ancient civilizations to present military, social, and political history. The magazine is consistently accurate, authoritative, and approachable, and it is lavishly illustrated with a wonderful array of historical images, paintings, and artifacts. 

Expert perspectives on everything from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome through the medieval and Tudor periods, the Victorian era, the two world wars, and beyond can be found in each issue. It offers new perspectives on history’s most well-known stories and sheds light on some of history’s more obscure corners, based on the most recent research. It will keep you up to date on the newest developments in history with a substantial book review section, as well as weekly coverage of history news, TV, cinema, events, and exhibitions. It also investigates the historical context of current events.

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Download BBC History Magazine

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