A Few Words About African Cichlids


    African cichlids are one of the most popular cichlid species. This is mainly due to the great diversity of shapes and colors. The special thing about these tropical aquarium fish is that they are found nowhere else in the world, except in Lake African. Other cichlids also special and beautiful, such as the Discus fish. Read the cichlid blog if you’re looking for everything you need to know about cichlid. This blog specifically discusses the African cichlids.

    A lot of knowledge about (African) Cichlids is a must

    Buying cichlids costs a lot of money, so you don’t want them to die. Unfortunately, they sometimes want to do that, sometimes inexplicably, sometimes because they don’t leave each other alone. There is also a lot to learn about cichlids, but you have to have the right information. We are fans of good nutrition with that little bit extra. So that the African Cichlids are well in their color palette and have good resistance aaves a lot of misery in the end.

    Lake African

    More than 800 species of cichlids live in Lake African. A very diverse group. Elsewhere in the world, the species from Lake African are not found in nature. These African cichlids live in an environment that mainly consists of rocks. The lake is full of hiding places because the rocks are full of crevices and holes. Shelters are not created by aquatic plants, because they hardly occur in Lake African, with the exception of Valisneria.

    Lake African (also called Lake Nyassa) is located between three countries: Tanzania, Mozambique and of course African and is therefore located in southern Africa. It is a huge lake about 600 km long and in some places almost 75 km wide.

    Requirements for a African aquarium

    Do you want the African cichlids to do best? Then make sure they feel completely at ease. That is rewarded with the display of beautiful bright colors.

    Aquarium size African cichlids are best placed in an aquarium larger than 400 liters, preferably another 600 liters. They are fish that, in addition to sufficient hiding places, need a spacious environment. To keep water quality high, you can only put together a limited number of cichlids. How much? You can calculate it yourself in the blog about aquarium fish. That is why it is wise to take a spacious aquarium.

    The establishment must also consist of rocks and stones. That’s because African cichlids like to gather enough hiding places around them. It is a territorial fish and stones help them to define their territory.

    Back wall is always advisable to use a covered back wall so that no light comes through and there is really dark hiding possibilities. As a ground covering it is best to take dark-colored gravel or a fine pebble type.

    Aquarium plants are not necessary because they do not exist in their natural environment. The giant Valisneria does occur there and is a welcome exception. Other aquarium plants that would be in your aquarium are probably uprooted by the malawi cichlids. They love to dig.