4 Easy and Best Sex Positions for Beginners


Are you planning a special date to have sex for the first time? You must be excited, nervous, confused, and tense about how it would turn out to be, right? All these feelings are natural. Everyone has experienced them in varying degrees.

It is important to know what to expect from the occasion, from the partner, and yourself. Research does help, though you’ve got to be careful not to get carried away. The first thing to do is talk to your partner and make sure that you are on the same page. Are you both ready? Are you aware of the after-effects? Do you trust each other enough? Are you both looking for the same experience?

The answers to these questions play a role in your ultimate experience of having sex for the first time. Once you are confident, it’s time to go for a little more exploration and check out another set of sex tips. As a beginner, you might find some positions or styles a bit intimidating or confusing even.

In this blog, we’ve listed four easy and best sex positions for you and your partner to get the maximum pleasure.

  • Missionary Position
    • This is the basic and the most favorite style for many people. Though it doesn’t need much introduction, the positions are quite simple. The woman lies on her back while the man lies face down on her. There is full body contact in this position that makes it very appealing. A little bit of moving the legs can bring better pleasure to both.
  • Cowgirls are Fun
    • The name does say it all, doesn’t it? The woman goes on the top, sitting, while the man lies beneath her. She gets to set the pace of the act, and he gets to pleasure her with his hands. This Sex Styleallows for deeper penetration and helps the woman attain faster orgasm.
  • The Classic Act of Spooning
    • Spooning has been seen as an act of foreplay. But it does make a great position for those who want some lazy and slow sex. It allows the man to last longer. The woman is in for a treat as the position gets his penis to rub against her G-spot. Should we add that women tend to love this style a little more?
  • Try Sitting Style
    • This is yet another position of sex that slows down the act and thereby heightens the pleasure. The man sits cross-legged with the woman straddling him. Her legs wrap around his back, giving her the required grip and support to pace the act. With her hands around his neck, she has better control and thus more chances of attaining orgasm.

Remember that it’s okay to be a little awkward. Take it slow, be gentle, relax, and heighten the pleasure. Anytime you feel uncomfortable, take a break and start again. Don’t forget protection, though. Stay safe, and experience the pleasure for the first time and many times afterward.