Why you need to track your kid’s cell phone?


Cellphone devices connected to the internet where came up with plenty of benefits, at the same time the mobile technology became vulnerable to the children’s online safety. Nowadays, young teens worldwide have cellphone devices and they used to spend all day long on phones connected to cyberspace. Therefore, teens and kids are more likely to encounter the stranger dangers and get used to doing plenty of inappropriate activities that can harm teens online to the fullest. The obsession of cellphone devices among kids is on the rise and parents have become insecure about kid’s online safety. Let’s discuss the dangers teens and children are facing using cellphone devices and benefits of using phone tracker app.

Reasons behind kid’s phone tracking

There are following reasons you need to track your kid’s cellphones and you have no option, but to keep an eye on kids’ online activities on phones connected to the internet.

Cyber bullying

1 out of 5 young kids bullied online these days because of using cellphone devices. Today, teen and children are used to social media profiles and they further do text messages, chat conversations, and voice and video calls with strangers. Therefore, children are more likely to encounter with the cyber bullies and get trapped. Online bullies send messages to the children and use abusive language and humiliate children online. Therefore, cellphone devices, social media, and the internet should be trackers to safeguard young kids online.


They are the ones who get used to targeting young teens online particularly on chat rooms, social playgrounds, and on social media apps and websites. Online predators like stalkers always try to trap young teens online and then ask them to meet in real –life for sexual motives. Therefore, parents should know about the online chat of teens and children to know to whom they are talking all the time using their phone devices. Therefore, parents should track social media apps, chat rooms, calls, and many others alike.


Young kids and teens these days are having encounters with strangers online and become friends with them. In reality, they could encounter with the sexual predators in their surroundings using online dating apps and social media apps. There are plenty of cases that have been reported where teens got trapped by the sex-offenders to whom they met online and then plan to meet strangers in real –life. So, it is alarming for the parents those who are unaware of the fact that teens are having sexual hookups and getting involved in online relationships with strangers.

Online dating

There are plenty of online dating apps like tinder, Snapchat, and social media apps where teens try to find out the significant others and finally involved in online dating. At the end of the day, they are having a relationship with the stalker, sexual predators, and ones that try to blackmail them after being in a relationship.

Adult content

The cellphone devices of kids and teens have become X-rated theaters over the years because teens can watch online adult content and become addicted to it. They also trying to share their nudes with strangers and at the end of the day have to face embarrassment.

Social media addiction

The social media obsession is on the rise among teens these days and they can download plenty of instant messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. All these apps are appealing for teens and they spend all day long on it in media sharing, text messaging, and voice video calls. Therefore, social media use is quite risky for teens because they can get involved in social media risky trends. However, using a cellphone and social media ultimately increases the screen-time of the children and they got health issues and face physical, emotional, and psychological issues.

What is the solution?

If you are parents of the teens and children who get used to all the above-mentioned issues and addictions, that you need to track the cellphone devices of your children with theonespy to make sure their safety online. Furthermore, you need to track social messaging apps logs, call logs, record phone calls, capture screenshots, and remotely block the internet and messages when teens are talking with online predators with the cellphone tracking software. It enables parents to monitor the cellphone of your children to the fullest.