Why the dependants in Dubai need the medical insurance policies?


The medical insurance is the process of covering the medical expenses and surgical expenses when you are hospitalized. In this article, you will know about the importance of the medical insurance for dependants in Dubai.

What are the features of the medical insurance for the dependants in Dubai?

The features of the medical insurance for dependants in Dubai are given by,

  • Cashless treatment: Most of the insurance companies in Dubai have the collaboration with various hospitals. You will need to provide only the policy number and the rest of the things will be taking care by the insurance company.
  • Coverage for the pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization: Some of the medical policies will cover the expenses for a specific number of days before and after hospitalized.
  • Medical checkup: You will receive frequent medical checkups by the medical insurance plan.
  • Transportation expenses: The medical insurance also covers the expense of using an ambulance to transport from your home to the hospital or hospital to home. This is one of the additional benefits of buying a medical insurance policy.
  • Room rent: In case you are hospitalized the room rent will be covered by the plan.
  • No claim bonus: If you are holding a medical insurance but you do not use it for the treatment for policy year you will be rewarded with no claim bonus.
  • Government policies: The Dubai health authority will provide a comprehensive health insurance policy to unprotected residents.

Types of the medical insurance in Dubai:

The types of the medical insurance for dependants in Dubai are given by,

  • Individual medical insurance plan: As a bane suggest it is the individual policy for you. It will offer financial coverage’s and illness expenses. The entire sum of the plan is provided to you only.
  • Family medical insurance policy: You can choose the family medical insurance to cover the whole family members under one single plan. The entire sum of the plan is shared by all the family members is included in the policy.
  • Senior citizen medical insurance plan: This type of plan is specifically designed for the older person.

How will you compare the medical insurance plans in Dubai?

You can look for the plans offering the coverage needed by you with the right price and then you need to shortlist the plans from the list based on price comparison and unique features. You should know about the inclusions, exclusions, and customer reviews of the insurance policy. Finally, you need to take a look at the claim settlement ratio of the insurance provider.