Why Should You Get Your Emirates ID card immediately?


Much like every other country, even in the United Arab Emirates, you need identification or a resident card to prove your citizenship. It must be carried by residents at all times and contains the personal database of the cardholder. 

Doing an emirates id check is quite simple. The card contains an electronic chip that can be scanned to find out the necessary information about the ID holder. This information mainly includes the basic details of the person, a photograph, and their biometric details like fingerprints. 

This Emirates ID card has several applications. You can use it in a number of transactions through the internet, such as paying bills, fines and even registering vehicles. In the year 2016, the Emirate ID card replaced the use of health insurance cards and quite soon, it will take the place of your driving license and debit cards. Such a varied list of uses makes it rather important to acquire an Emirates ID card. 

Process of Getting the Emirates ID card

If you are looking to get an Emirates ID, the process is rather simple. Further mentioned in this article are the few steps that you need to follow to do the same. 

  • Application:

Firstly, you will have to get and fill up the application form. You can either do it in an approved typing office or get it online. However, there is a small fee of 30 AED that you need to pay for the same. 

  • Visit EIDA:

Once you have submitted your form, you need to visit the Emirates Identification Authority (EIDA). You will get a text message on the registered number providing you with the date and time, along with the location of the branch you need to visit. Here you will get your photo taken and asked for your fingerprints. 

Once done, they will give you a receipt which you need to keep to get your ID card later. For UAE nationals, remember to carry a family book, the Emirates ID application and your valid passport. At the same time, for UAE residents, you will need your passport, the ID application and your VISA or VISA work permit. 

  • Pay The Fees:

With the prior mentioned step complete, you are done with the process of application. However, you will need to pay a price of 100 AED to keep the ID card valid on an annual basis. 

  • Delivery And Collection:

After the concerned authorities have processed your work VISA, the ID card will be sent to you via post. You will get all updates on your phone via SMS and can also track the progress on the official EIDA website. You have a time limit of 90 days within which you need to collect the ID card from your nearest post office, or it will be sent back and discarded. 

In Conclusion

Although there are quite a few steps you need to follow to get an Emirate ID card, it is rather straightforward. However, if you feel like it’s confusing, you can always seek help from professional agencies that guide you through the whole process.