Which is the ripped jeans outfit which you can wear?


    In this article, we will discuss which are the ripped jeans outfit that anyone can wear on any day. Also, we will discuss the places where you can see these distressed jeans being worn the most.

    Which is the place you can see the highest number of distressed jeans being worn?

    Many people think that these ripped or distressed jeans have been made by mistake. This is not the case as in the late 1870s, the owner of Levi’s company had made a new design. This design was used to signify the hard work which the worker does and the wear and tear that comes on their clothes.

    To honour them, he had created the first-ever ripped jeans in the world to be worn. Then, later on, he discontinued these jeans because of the new trend of the jeans in the market. Most of the time, we can see when children are playing, they tend to fall and get hurt. Some children who are wearing jeans might tear their jeans in a certain area.

    The children understand that it’s fashionable and cool, but the mom sometimes scolds them. Tells us that it is not a fashion but just a dumb trick to make people wear torn clothes. The trend of these jeans had died back in the 1880s but was later revived.

    It was revived in the late 90s and was worn by Hollywood actors. To make these jeans, they had to give custom orders to the jeans-making companies. After which, many of their fans liked the fashion, and they also started copying their style. Then the style got its name again, and many people were wearing it almost daily.

    You can most commonly see that kids and youngsters wear these jeans everywhere they go. It can either be at school, university or if they are going out somewhere. But in school, there is a certain limit to where the rip of the jeans should be. This is done to avoid any wrong kind of image to be spread among the children.

    What are some cool outfits to wear with these distressed jeans?

    Here is a list of outfits that anyone can wear or try out with these jeans.

    •  Leather jacket

    To top off the look you can wear a leather jacket with a T-shirt on top of these jeans. This makes them look cooler and also classy, like the old 1970s Ramones punk uniform.

    •  Bomber jacket

    This jacket can be worn with any pair of jeans, and it will look amazing. The first-ever bomber jacket was made in the 1920s and has been in the market for a long time.

    •  Shirt

    You can wear these distressed jeans with either a button-down shirt or a full formal shirt. This will look a kind of semi-casual look, and it looks awesome.

    •  Hoodie

    You can wear any kind of hoodie on top of these jeans. It can either be half down or full zipped. You can also wear accessories to make them look even cooler.