What You Probably Didn’t Know About The Book Of Genesis


Could it be that there’s more to the book of Genesis than meets the eye? Is there a possible DNA manipulation of ancient ancestors and the original biblical text? Many fascinating things come can learn from the Hebrew language, which seems so enticing. You can check this out and much more from the Genetic Genesis Book by Albert E. Potts. The author shares in-depth views about the ancient Hebrew language and unveils the hidden meaning behind the book of genesis.

By reading the book, you’ll discover that the author explains the book of genesis became written in ancient Hebrew more than two thousand years ago. However, it later became transcribed into a New Hebrew version which is the biblical Hebrew. After which ancient Jewish interpreters later translated it into Greek.

Deciphering The Book Of Genesis

By checking out the author’s works, you’ll see his detailed research in deciphering and interpreting the ancient Hebrew language. It’ll enable you to check out what the author says about extraterrestrial beings. These aliens are said to have manipulated the human DNA for interbreeding purposes. Reading the book will enable you to see some significant groundbreaking translation. The books show the hidden truth about alien hybridization. It further highlights how the hominid ancestors and aliens interbred in plain sight all those years ago.

The Writing Style

Get the chance to get fresh and new insights into the ancient and well-known biblical narrative. Here’s a book that is well-written and well-structured in offering a scholarly account of the book of genesis. It’s a chance to even read through personal stories and narratives with a clear perspective of the first few chapters of Genesis.

The author’s ability to capture both ancient and modern Hebrew language is quite fascinating and an excellent eye-opener for humankind. It’s a chance to intricate details about humankind’s historical information.

The Radical Retranslation

It’s a chance to quench your curiosity by checking out the complete translation of the first chapter of Genesis. There is an excellent definition of where the words have come from and how they got derived. Get to see how the various verses got effortlessly translated to fit perfectly—thus offering a continuous and consistent narrative. Checking out the full translation is an excellent eye-opener into sharing thoughts with an accomplished author who’s demonstrated a provable translation. It’s a great honor and achievement that no other cleric or scholar has accomplished for the past two thousand years.

Reading through the various linguistic elements is an excellent eye-opener as you get an excellent grasp of the Hebrew language. By reading the Genetic Genesis Book, you’ll get to value the unorthodox perspective on the religious narratives. It’s a great chance to spark curiosity in the Hebrew language as you enjoy a more traditional interpretation of the bible. Get to check out the actual definitions of ancient texts and the original grammar. That’s not all. It’s also a chance to know that some words that aren’t viable for translation as the message would have become altered in the process.