What to do if cover and striker are pocketed together in a carrom game?


Carrom is one of the widely popular game options in India that requires having a good sense of angle, concentration and precision of mind. It would help correct steps and aim for the right striker. Starting with the wooden striker, you have to pocket your points in the correct manner. But there are certain permutations and combinations of strikers when they go into the pocket together and result in different numbers. It is better to know about it before you start playing.

As per carrom striker rules, you can never say that your queen has been covered if the striker is into the pocket along with cover. In such cases, you have to take out two pocketed coins as a result of double due and again you have to pocket one coin as cover without keeping any double due so that your queen is covered in this chance.

Tips to play with striking in the game

  • While using the striker, player should know that they can only rest arm on board without any body part touching the board
  • The player who is playing it first with the striker should position it on the baseline and make sure to hit the striker in one attempt. Also, player cannot jerk the striker otherwise; it will be termed as foul
  • One can break shifts in alternate way in single games whereas in doubles, the break is allowed only in anti-clockwise direction
  • Opponent player cannot get a strike unless the player who is starting off or striking is not pocketing a carromman
  • While positioning striker on base circle, make sure that it doesn’t touch imaginary line
  • After a player is done playing his or her turn, it should be passed on to the opponent.

What is the rule about covering the queen? 

  1. You are allowed to pocket queen only after you net one carromman
  2. In order to cover the queen, the player has to pocket his carromman and not that of his opponents. For the first case, you will get the point of queen to win
  3. Every carromman of white and black has one point and queen has three points
  4. One can get the queen’s point only when it is covered and player gets to win the match
  5. It is end of a board when carromman of opponent is only left and all others are in the pocket. In this case, the winner would get the points for the remaining number of carromman on the board.
  6. When player pockets queen with a proper strike, then queen along with two carromman will be placed in middle of board as it is the turn of player to continue the game
  7. If player is able to hit a cover into pocket with striker, the player needs to give back two carromman with queen in middle of the board. The situation is the same when queen and carromman of opponent goes into pocket by mistake. It is because the carromman of the opponent is not correctly placed on the board.
  8. If a player has any due without hitting any carromman into the pocket, the first hit will be returned on board and the player can continue to play. In this, the player can pocket the queen and then try to cover it
  9. If one carromman of the players are left along with the queen, the players can strike queen and opponent carromman. In addition, the opponent get a chance to win the board and get the point which is equal to the carromman that is left on the board

How to Cover Queen in Carrom? 

A player has right to pocket queen and he or she can cover for it by giving back his carromman that is in pocket. While placing the queen in the center circle on board, and a shot is formed, it cannot be changed, even when it is not intentional. So, before playing the game, it is important to have detailed idea about the rules and how to cover up for queen and other carromman in pocket and win the match. The more you practice, the better it would be to score high and can pocket from carromman in pocket tactfully. You need to master the art and know how to place the striker to get the best angle to hit it for the desire pocket.

The Final Part 

The preparation part for the game is important and with in-depth understanding of carrom striker rules, you can win it better. Try to find how your opponents are striking the queen and other carromman in the pockets and covering up for it. This would give you a suitable idea on how to understand the gameplay better and win the matches and play tactfully. The better knowledge would help you know about what to do when you pocket the striker and queen together.