What Kind of Men’s Backpacks can be Found on the Market?


Knowing the purpose for which men’s backpacks are designed is essential. Currently, there are various types of backpacks, such as school bags, baby carriers, for photographers or for laptops. The following list shows the different types and their main characteristics and you can also buy our Shane Dawson merch pig backpack.

  • School backpacks: Resistant, ergonomic and light. With pockets suitable for the size of textbooks, among other school supplies.
  • Baby carriers: They have a space designed to carry the child safely and comfortably. They are made with hypoallergenic materials, which take care of the baby’s anatomy, providing a comfortable and pleasant position.
  • Rolling backpacks: Designed to avoid overweight on the back. They have wheels at the back and a handle to facilitate movement.
  • Backpacks for laptops: They have compartments designed specifically for transporting laptops. These backpacks are usually made with materials that protect flimsy electronic devices.
  • Anti-theft backpacks: They have systems of security closures, snaps and even high-tech locks. Some have a closure on the back, which provides extra protection
  • Travel backpacks: They are resistant, versatile and very spacious. They are designed with large spaces that serve to move various items in a safe and organized way
  • Trekking backpacks: They are similar to travel backpacks. They have large spaces to transport objects; However, unlike travel backpacks, they tend to have more external pockets that serve to carry water or items that need to be removed in an agile way.
  • Sports backpacks: These backpacks are more specific with our Shane Dawson conspiracy shirt. Some are designed to carry specific sports equipment such as tennis rackets. In general, they are made of shock-resistant and waterproof materials.
  • Motorcycle backpacks: This model is usually ultra-ergonomic, since stability, in this case, plays a fundamental role.
  • Backpacks with USB: They have a USB port and a cable to charge electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets and even laptops. These backpacks have internal rechargeable batteries that allow you to charge these devices.
  • Photography backpacks: They have special compartments for cameras. These spaces keep them protected from blows and incidents that could compromise their safety. They are medium in size with multiple pockets and padded handles for added protection.
  • Street Backpacks: These backpacks are medium / small in size. They have enough space to carry everyday belongings, thus replacing bags or fanny packs.

What Capacity can Men’s Backpacks have?

  • One thing is the type and another is its capacity. To choose the right backpack with right shirt, it is necessary to get an estimate of the space and weight that we will deposit in it, so as not to end up acquiring something inappropriate. It is important to mention that backpacks are measured based on the volume of cargo they can carry, so their capacity is measured in cubic feet.

Also, when it comes to weight, it is measured in ounces and differs from volume. Therefore, the two estimates must be considered separately. Below is a list of backpacks with specific capacities and their recommended use.

  • Backpacks up to 0.35 cubic feet – These are for everyday use. They have compartments to carry belongings such as your wallet, cell phone or keys.
  • Backpacks up to 0.7 cu. Ft. – Ideal for carrying A4-size folders, laptops, or food and drinks, making them the best choice for school or short excursions. The size of these backpacks is usually accepted by airlines as a personal hand-held accessory
  • Backpacks up to 1 cubic foot: They have the perfect space to carry luggage for short trips of two or three days.
  • Backpacks up to 1.4 cu. Ft. – Ideal for carrying your bag of clothes and supplies for several days. They can hold up to 22 pounds of weight.
  • Backpacks up to 2.1 cubic feet – This is the type of backpack used by travelers colloquially known as “backpackers”. They are perfect for long trips and hold up to 44 pounds.
  • Backpacks up to 2.8 cu. Ft. – Perfect for long trips or getaways that involve carrying lots of belongings. The size usually exceeds the measurements allowed by airlines in the cabin, so it is usual to have to check them in. They support more than 44 pounds.

Which Men’s Backpack Brands are the Best Rated in their Segment?

North Face, Samsonite or Burton are some of the brands most valued by consumers. Therefore, the following table delves into the characteristics of these manufacturers. Likewise, the following list also includes other brands with the aim of expanding the evaluation capacity.

  • North Face: Is one of the leading brands in mountain and camping equipment. It specializes in clothing, footwear, sleeping bags and tents. North Face has men’s backpack models ranging from 0.7 to 2 cubic feet.
  • Samsonite: One of the most recognized travel luggage brands in the world. At present, their backpacks, laptop cases and other travel utensils are widely recognized and recommended.
  • Burton: It is one of the favorite brands of snowboarders. The quality and innovation of its products makes this company one of the leaders in winter sports.
  • Patagonia: Is synonymous with quality and resistance in all its products. This firm is characterized by its commitment to the environment, its designs are simple, although resistant.
  • Herschel: It is distinguished by its hipster style designs. Its backpacks, aimed at a young target audience, are references of much longer-lived big brands.
  • Highlander: Generally, they are products for outdoor and military uses guarantee quality and functionality. They have extremely resistant materials and finishes.