What is Keto Diet- A Complete Guide for the Beginner


Due to the advancement and changes in diet strategies, the keto diet is considered the best one. We know that everyone struggles with weight loss and wants to improve the body conditions in some healthy ways. Currently, many types of plans are introducing. But all plans may not be helpful in rapid health changes like the keto diet plan. If you have a mind to make some changes in your life and want to get rid of unhealthy eating habits, then you are in the right place. Just stay tuned and get detailed regarding the ketogenic diet.

What is Keto Diet

A keto diet is a low carb as well as high-fat diet. It is based on a drastic reduction in the carbs intakes and increases in fat intake.  When a person starts taking the low carb diet plan, it will give the body a ketosis stat. In which the body uses fat as the energy source rather than the carbs or protein. It is an effective way to reduce body weight as well as improves overall body condition.  This diet is a great idea to start taking high-fat moderate protein and very few carbs, which may be challenging to manage without following the proper ketogenic plan.

Different Types of Ketogenic Diet

Keto healthy ideas come with different types as it is dependent on the intake of energy-rich nutrients. So, every type is differed from another due to the different percentages of nutrients.

  1. Strict Keto Diet

A strict keto diet is also known as the therapeutic keto diet. It is designed for epilepsy patients. In this plan, 90% f daily calories come from fat, 6% from protein, and 4% from carbs. No doubt, this strict version is tough to follow, but it is best for the rapid weight loss.

  1. Standard Keto Diet

This is the common keto diet that gives 75% calories from fat, 20% from protein, and 5% from carbs.  If people want to lose weight healthily, then no other will be like SKD.  It refers to the limiting carbs intake in a day is the standard ketogenic diet.

  1. Targeted Keto Diet

If you have a mind to improve your body performance and work harder, just start following the targeted keto diet as it depends upon the targeted nutrients intakes. This means to say that from fat which fatty food is best for the performance of protein, protein food is good and the same in carbs that carb food is highly best for the overall body.

  1. High Protein Keto Diet

This keto diet version is known as the increasing the uptake of protein.  In this plan, the protein percentage is slightly higher than the normal, which is 30% of the total diet. This high protein Keto diet is best for those who want to build muscle mass and older people who need to prevent muscle breakdown.

  1. Cyclic Keto Diet

A cycling keto diet gives a clear plan in which you need to stay on a diet for five days in a week.  In this diet plan, you can easily enjoy the food that contains gluten. CKD plan allows you to enjoy more carbs for two days on which you are not on a diet.  It is best for those who want to tale a break from the keto diet and need some carbs.  On the other hand, it is not easier for everyone.

  1. Mediterranean Keto Diet

MKD is the heart healthier way to eat. This plan main aims to stick to the standard keto macronutrient amounts.  The Mediterranean plan offers flexible approaches to healthy eating habits. Once you are starting this keto plan, then it may be your favorite choice from ketogenic diets.

Who Should Not Take Keto Diet?

  • If you are on medication, then do not need to start the ketogenic diet plan.
  • In pregnancy and lactation, skip this plan.
  • If your body goes to severe health changes, then skip this diet.