What Do Private Dances in A Gentlemens Club Entail?


Anyone who has been to a strip club knows about lap dances, in a gentlemens club it might be called a private dance and might take place in a special room, however at the end of the day, there really is no difference. A lap dance / private dance involves a stripper dancing seductively in front of a client and on his lap. It may include some acrobatics and teasing but all that has to take place for the duration of one single song. Sometimes the dancer will be topless or she may go full nude depending on the type of club you are in and the rules the club has.  

In an ordinary strip club, a lap dance may just involve a dancer grinding on you. You may not be allowed to touch. An upscale, classier gentlemens club Melbourne may have special VIP sections where private dances take place. They usually sell clients some bubbly to loosen them up a bit – that is another way for the house to make some money or serve whatever the customer’s drink of choice is. Private dances can be very intimate and hence the hefty price. In some clubs lap dances aren’t performed in private areas or corners but, a guy can get one while his friends watch and egg him on. You see a lot of this happening during bachelor parties.  

Gentlemens club Melbourne have varying levels of privacy or VIP treatment. You might have walked into a gentlemen’s club that has a special area cordoned off with velvet rope and sometimes hidden behind a black curtain. There will be a bouncer stationed at the entrance of that area to ward off unwanted visitors and ensure that the people in the VIP aren’t disturbed.

When it comes down to it, private or lap dances involve slow, seductive stripping. Swaying to the music or performing some sort of erotic dance routine. The dancer might sit on the customer’s lap or simply grind against their crotch. For strippers, private dances are where the money is at, and for anyone going to a strip club, they are the best thing that can happen. So, they cost a little bit more. Some last for 5 minutes whilst others last longer.  


It might be slightly different these days with COVID and social distancing. Everyone is mindful of keeping a safe space but pros know that you can still give a personal, intimate private dance without getting up close to the client. Clients can say what they would be comfortable with or the club itself can set the rules. If the dancer is that good, she should be able to elicit the same response 3 feet away from a customer. Erotic dancers or strippers dance to tease. They are the ones that set the boundaries with their clients. Contrary to popular belief, the club has nothing to do with boundaries. Club management may have cameras for security purposes. To keep the client and the customers safe. Despite what movies portray, club managers have their own house rules but they don’t can’t impose their will on individual performers and dictate what their boundaries should be – as long nothing illegal happens. Private dances are private, between the dancer and no one else. The dancer can dance or she can just sit and talk – it depends on what the client wants.