Facelift Toronto is one of the most popular facial rejuvenation surgeries. It is categorized as facial rejuvenation. The procedure helps to reverse the signs of aging and make both your face and neck look younger. The method has been designed in such a way that it comprehensively combats several signs of aging, starting from the fine lines on the forehead all the way to the neck. The procedure is quite rewarding if it has been performed by experienced surgeons and helps to age more gracefully. If you have been planning to undergo this procedure, here are a few things that you should keep in mind before undergoing the procedure.

Are you an ideal candidate for the procedure?

To be able to undergo the procedure, there is a specific criterion that you need to meet successfully, which will qualify you as the ideal candidate for the procedure. The characteristics of the perfect candidates aren’t static. They differ due to various facts like genetics, lifestyle choices, weight fluctuations, and natural changes and how they have impacted the facial tissues. When these factors start to change the way a person looks, and the face is no longer reflective of energy and youthfulness that the person feels, it may be time to consider undergoing the facelift procedure. During the consultation, the doctor will examine your skin and help to determine whether you would be best suited for the procedure or not. You will also need to go through a medical examination to decide whether or not you are an ideal candidate for the procedure or not?

What are the necessary medical tests you need to go through before a facelift?

Before you undergo the procedure, you would be required to undertake various blood tests, chest X-rays, and maybe even an ECG.

Can you combine other procedures with a facelift?

Apart from the facelift, if you are looking to add other comprehensive procedures to achieve your aesthetic goals, then it is possible. A lot of people add eyelid surgery, neck lift, and brow lift to complement their facelift. Adding these procedures will increase the cost of the facelift. The overall fee would be lower than what it would be when you would opt for each procedure to be performed separately.

What are the alternative options to a facelift?

When you undergo a facelift procedure, you need to be prepared for downtime. Suppose you don’t have the luxury to heal from the surgery. In that case, there are non-surgical options available that can make you look youthful. These options have way lesser downtime when compared to a facelift. If you are looking to restore volume, which has been lost due to aging, you could opt for a dermal filler. Botox is a great option when looking to smoothen the fine lines and wrinkles. For skin tightening, skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenating, and tightening of deeper muscle layers, you can always look into Ultherapy and laser treatments like CO lasers.