What are the Benefits as Well as Drawbacks of Using Ionizers on Pool Water?


    Ionizers are used as pool sanitizers. It releases ions of copper as well as tough steels into the pool water. Basically, they eliminate germs by revealing them to these ions. Two types of ionizers exist. The first one is the electric ionizer, which makes use of electrical energy for charging the metals till they start releasing ions. The second is a cartridge ionizer of mineral, which makes use of the flow of the water through the mineral packets for launching the steel ions steadily.

    Benefits of Ion Hygiene

    • Ionizers are economical to keep. The electrode elements of ionizers generally last between 3-5 years, as well as they are fairly cost-effective to replace.
    • Ionizers minimize the requirement for many swimming pool chemicals. It just includes copper to avoid the requirement for copper-based algaecides, which most people do not utilize, unless they have an algae issue, and might give a minimal sanitizing effect. It may minimize the quantity of chlorine needed, although as you state in the drawbacks, sanitizer is still needed. More pH screening will be needed, as the pH will significantly influence any staining potential of the copper on pool surfaces.
    • Unlike chlorine, the steel ions produce by ionizers do not adversely impact swimming pool tools. The tools in the ionized pool for that reason has a longer life expectancy.

    Drawbacks of Ion Hygiene

    • Ionizers do not oxidize swimming pool water.
    • The steel ions released by ionizers are slow-acting and, therefore, take a number of hours to start fighting contaminants.
    • Though they minimize the requirement for too many chemicals, ions cannot sufficiently sanitize the pool water. Chlorines of a few quantities are needed still.
    • pH needs to be preserved within a specific limit, or staining of copper will happen.

    Again, keep in mind to consider possibilities while choosing a system of sanitization, as they will aid in determining which system is best for your swimming pool.